Millions catch glimpse of the 'future' at League of Legends world final

FunPlus Phoenix beat favorite G2 Esports in all three of its games to lift the trophy but the final in Paris arguably pushed the boundaries of what people will come to expect from a live event.

NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – As professional sports continue to get underway the attention now turns to what’s in store for college sports.

There’s one sport taking place where the game never stops.

Whether or not your think gaming is a sport, Esports provides opportunities that are tough to beat.

“If I told myself a year ago that I’d be doing this, I would think you’re crazy,” said Connor Lincavicks, a University of New Haven student.

E-sports are thriving during COVID-19.

“For the lack of a better term, it was the inly game in town. Awareness has definitely gone up, acceptance had gone up because ultimately, it’s a form of entertainment,” said Jason Chung, UNH Executive Director of Esports.

This fall, in addition to fielding a varsity Esports team, the University of New Haven is offering two bachelor’s degrees rooted in Esports and management.

“I know that I don’t inspire to be a professional gamer by any means, but I want to be the guy that would maybe market a team, market a product,” said Raymond Hernandez, UNH student.

To help students potentially get to that point someday, the university has partnered with video streaming service Twitch and game equipment brand HyperX.

This partnership goes far beyond just some slick chairs and computer monitors.

“As much as we enjoy getting free stuff, that’s not enough. We want to actually teach, and we think you have lessons to share with us,” Chung said.

Both HyperX and Twitch will co-run a class with the university. Whether it’s online or in person, gamers are getting exposure to opportunities other athletes simply don’t have.

“We’re not under the jurisdiction of the NCAA. You know the interest is here. Gen Z is in for it and wherever Gen Z goes, so do the advertisers and sponsors and big business,” Chung said.

The University of New Haven also plans to announce a Master of Science in Esports Business in January. Any UNH student can take these Esport classes.


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