EAST HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- An East Hartford estate store has been dealing with a rash of fake gold jewelry being brought in by unsuspecting customers, and it could be part of a scam in parts across the state.

The workers at Good Ole Tom’s in East Hartford said they’ve seen a large increase in fake jewelry being brought in for resale.

They’ve seen close to 20 people come in, looking to sell what they think is gold jewelry.

“They expect them to be gold, and when they bring them in they are magnetic, gold isn’t magnetic,” said Sue Couture, regional manager of Good Ole Tom’s.

The story that comes along with the jewelry they’re trying to sell is that of a family stuck at a gas station without any money and needing gas for the trip home.

The pitch is cash for gold jewelry.

“They said they are at a gas station getting gas. And someone is there with a family. And they say we are trying to get to Florida, or someplace we need gas money, can we give you this ring or these chains, so we can get some gas,” Couture said.

The occurrences are happening at gas stations along I-95 and near the Connecticut casinos.

“There are people who come in here with three or four chains, a couple of rings. The gentleman that came in yesterday said he gave them $25, but I think some people have given them hundreds of dollars,” Couture said.

She has reached out to local pawn shops in the area, with some confirming to her that they too have been approached by customers believing the jewelry is real and not costume.

She has also reached out to East Hartford Police.

“People aren’t real forthcoming with how much money they gave them, but it seems like a lot of people gave them a lot of money because people have come in here with a lot of gold,” she said.

The best way to handle this situation is to not buy jewelry from a stranger, and test it with a magnet. Gold is not magnetic.

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