SOUTH WINDSOR, CT (WFSB) -- As two of the suspects linked to the disappearance of New Canaan mom Jennifer Farber Dulos, an attorney also wrapped up in the case remains behind bars and has had his own share of legal troubles.

Arrest warrant for Kent Mawhinney

Both Fotis Dulos and his civil attorney Kent Mawhinney were going through lengthy divorces at the time Farber Dulos went missing.

However, Mawhinney had been arrested twice before that in 2019 for charges involving his own estranged wife, Cherry Haddock.

According to Haddock, Fotis Dulos called her several times, trying to arrange a meeting with her and Mawhinney.

Court Docs: Fotis Dulos tried to mend former attorney's marriage

That violated a protective order that was in place so the two couldn’t have contact unless attorneys were present.

In the court documents, Haddock mentions that Fotis called her multiple times, which she thought was strange since they only met once, in 2014.

Mawhinney was Fotis' attorney at the time, and personal friend.

Documents: Kent Mawhinney has close relationship with Fotis Dulos

Phone call records show Fotis Dulos contacting Haddock, with some of the calls being made in the days before Farber Dulos went missing on May 24.

In court documents, Fotis reportedly told Haddock that he had heard about their marital problems and that it “made him sad."

Haddock did agree to meet Fotis at a West Hartford restaurant, but nothing came of it, other than Fotis saying the two should get together without their lawyers present.

A month before that, surveillance video taken outside Haddock’s home shows a man in the yard, appearing to be holding a white plastic bag.

Court documents said “the man was also carrying a crowbar and a plastic bag that contained what appeared to Cherry to be a gas canister.”

She said “the man didn’t announce himself. The man did not knock.”

The documents go on to say she told police the man “used the crowbar and attempted to forcibly enter the homestead via the garage door.”

According to police, they told Haddock “that her husband knew the man who attempted to break into her house.”

Documents also say Haddock told police her husband had taken out a $750,000 life insurance policy with him as the beneficiary.

Mawhinney is facing charges from 2019, including violating a protective order, sexual assault, and disorderly conduct.

After his arrest last week, he’s now facing conspiracy to commit murder in the Jennifer Farber Dulos case.

Haddock’s attorney believes the divorce case will continue to move forward even though there is now a criminal case.

Mawhinney remains behind bars on a $2 million bond.

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