HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- Gun control is taking center stage at the State Capitol.

Three bills, including safe storage in a car, banning ghost guns, and Ethan’s Law are all being discussed by lawmakers in the House.

Ethan's Law, a bill pioneered by Representative Sean Scanlon, of the 98th District, passed the House on a bipartisan vote.

Ethan's Law is named after a teen from Guilford who died after accidentally shooting himself while at a friend's house last year. The bill requires all firearms to be safely stored, loaded or unloaded, in homes with children.

Ethan's parents, Mike and Kristin Song pushed for legislation in their late son's honor.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League President, Scott Wilson told Channel 3, the group worked with legislators to provide proper literature on gun safety.

"While a gun control group was satisfied that the original language for Ethan's Law called for increased punitive measures, we (CCDL) worked with key legislators on the Judiciary Committee to include language that included an educational component that might help keep children safer.”

Wilson continued, by saying, “rather than criminalizing gun ownership, teaching children to understand what can happen if a firearm is handled without adult supervision is much more important than increasing criminal penalties."

Also in the House session on Tuesday voted to ban "Ghost Guns" passed with overwhelming support. The bill prohibits the sale or manufacture of a firearm that does not have a serial number or is homemade, including guns produced through 3-D printing. 

The third bill concerning the prohibition of guns in unlocked or unsecured cars did not reach vote by 9 p.m. on Tuesday evening.

Governor Lamont applauded the efforts of lawmakers, writing: "The overwhelming majority of Connecticut residents want us to close the gaping loopholes that allow guns to get into the wrong hands, and any measure that encourages safe gun storage to help keep children, residents, and families safe is an action I will always support,” Governor Lamont said. “I urge the Senate to join the House in adopting these bills so that I can sign them into law as soon as possible.”

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Gun control is the destruction of the constitution. Back it, and you will be giving the radical left the power to destroy you. Wake up people.

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