BERLIN, CT (WFSB) – Many are upset over their Eversource bills skyrocketing.

The backlash is especially highlighting how the delivery charge can be more expensive than the actual electricity people are using.

In a new interview with Channel 3, Eversource had a lot more to say.

This time, the Vice President of Energy Supply breaks down what went into this spike.

Eversource shared how the pandemic affected the electricity company. The stay-at-home orders forced many businesses to close, meaning Eversource saw a decrease from commercial and industrial use.

Despite an increase from home use during the pandemic, James Daly said it wasn’t enough to offset the loss from businesses.

In short, Eversource said it was under collecting in subsidies and had to adjust its rate. But the company is also doubling down by saying 90 percent of the increase came from Millstone Power Plant.

"The Millstone charges called the non-bypassable charges, it constituted about 90 percent of the increase of non-bypassable charges," said James Daly, Vice President of Energy Supply at Eversource.

Eversource: State-approved power deal with Millstone to blame for higher bills

Dominion Energy, which owns the power plant, fired back saying their contract with Eversource went into effect last October. So, why the increase now?

“So, when we set the rates up for the beginning of the year, those rates were set at the end of last year, that was pre-pandemic,” Daly said. 

Dominion Energy says Eversource is using its contract with Millstone as a scapegoat. 

"It seems odd that they would increase rates in July 2020 when they've been on the books for nine months," said Ken Holt, Dominion Energy spokesperson. 

Channel 3 reached out repeatedly to the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, PURA, which oversees utility companies, but they haven't returned our requests for comment. 

This issue did land on the Attorney General's desk after receiving complaints. 

Channel 3 also reached out to United Illuminating, which also has a contract with Millstone. It said its customer are not seeing a huge increase like Eversource.


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EverSource and PURA are so corrupt. Their solution to the rate increase is to use less electricity. We have insulated, upgraded, use clothesline and bundle up in winter. The more we decrease our usage the higher the price goes. To blame Covid is a disgrace. We need more control on Eversource. Even when you switch to lower rate it can take 1-3 months to switch over. It's a guessing game on when it will kick in. But a rate increase? Overnight.


They may have changed their name, but not their tactics. Good ole Ct Loot & Plunder. They got caught lying, again. Of course, when the Attorney General and PURA hit them hard, they'll just pass it on to their customers instead of their shareholders and management.

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