Documents: South Windsor daycare worker slammed child into a wall

Ashley Swietek, Marjorie Glater, Nicole Moriarty and Brandy Novack face charges after a child abuse complaint was made against a daycare in South Windsor. (South Windsor police)

SOUTH WINDSOR, CT (WFSB) – Parents of toddlers who allegedly endured abuse at the hands of their daycare provider in South Windsor are now speaking out.

As punishments get handed down to the Mother Goose Daycare employees involved in the case, parents of the victims say it’s not enough.

Four parents are in a group no parent wants to join. All are dealing with the emotional fallout after their children were allegedly abused at the Mother Goose Children’s Center in South Windsor.

For privacy, the parents didn’t want to reveal their identities, but say the abuse happened over the course of several weeks to their children ranging in ages from 12 to 18 months old.

“He was pinned down to his cot on multiple occasions, where Ashley took her legs and forcibly pinned him down,” a parent said.

Many parents said they watched as their children came home with marks or felt uneasy when getting dropped off, but they never suspected physical abuse until the arrests of the four employees.

“We received a call from DCF basically saying our child had been abused in the classroom,” a parent told Channel 3.

Court documents allege 25-year-old Ashley Swietek, “was rough with children would push them down, pull on their harness causing them to fall, yell at them, and withhold food from them.”

The documents show three others, Brandy Novak, 44, Nicole Moriarty, 36, and Mother Goose owner, Marjorie Glater, 74, didn’t report these incidents.

Swietek faces the most serious felony charges of risk of injury to a child.

The three accused of failing to report the abuse have had their fates decided. Kevin Rennie, who represents Novak and Glater, says Novak’s case was nolled by the prosecutor and Glater’s application for the accelerated rehabilitation program was granted. If she completes the program, the charges will be dismissed.

“It’s like nothing ever happened. A little community service and your record is clean, while you destroyed the lives of how many families,” the parent said.

Swietek’s sentence is still unknown. Channel 3’s cameras caught up with her outside of court on Thursday, where her case was continued.

Over the last year, parents say their children, who still can’t comprehend what happened, have overcome the abuse. But the parents say they themselves haven’t.

“I have a fear of bringing my kids to daycare. I sit at work and crying going to work every day because I can’t stand dropping my kids off at daycare anymore and if one of them cries and I drop them off, my first thought is, ‘oh my God, what’s happening, are they getting hurt again,’” the parent said.

With Sietek’s fate still up in the air, the parents reached out to Channel 3, saying this is their last chance to get their side of the story across.

“I am my daughter’s voice in this, and I felt like my daughter’s voice was not being heard. The justice my daughter deserves isn’t happening,” a parent said.

Channel 3 spoke with one of the lawyers involved in this case and he said the state is offering a plea deal for Swietek, but the terms of the deal is still unknown.

After the arrests, Mother Goose was sold and is now run by the YWCA.

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