HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- Folks across the state are now being urged to start wearing masks or face coverings when around a crowd or inside stores.

Gov. Lamont said he plans to issue new guidelines in an executive order that is expected within 48 hours.

THE LATEST: Gov. advising folks to wear masks around crowds, inside stores

The cities of New Haven and Hamden went ahead and issued their own orders to protect the public.

New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker issued his on Wednesday. Hamden Mayor Curt Leng announced his on Thursday morning.

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Both orders go in to effect on Friday morning.

The mayors said the masks did not have to be the medical N95 masks. They simply had to be coverings.

“Facial coverings do not make people safe from exposure to the Coronavirus," Leng clarified. "Residents should not in any way consider this order as a tool to go out more often at a time when shelter in place is the very best way to slow and eventually end the spread of this virus. Instead, it’s an added tool to keep people safe when they have an essential need and must go out and into a setting with other people where social distancing isn’t guaranteed.”

Lamont said he believes masks, or some sort of face covering, will play a big part in slowing the spread of coronavirus.

He wasn't talking about using N95 masks either, as those are reserved for healthcare workers. However, he suggested a homemade mask or a scarf.

Lamont said if someone is walking down the street, use judgement. If a person is inside a store, he or she should wear a mask. This will also apply to essential workers.

“We're going to be very clear with employers, if you're in a public space, grocery store and such, retail, you have to make sure your employees are wearing masks. Anyone coming into that facility, starting with grocery stores, has to wear a mask,” Lamont said.

Lamont said he has spoken with other governors and leading public health officials on the new executive order.

To see guidelines on homemade masks from the Centers for Disease Control, click here.

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(6) comments


It's been talked about how this mandate will cover public places of essential employment, grocery stores and public transportation. Does this also apply to private businesses that are still open and operating and don't have interactions with the public?

Shall Not Be Infringed

Never, so long as I live and breathe, will I comply with this foolish notion. In the article it says that only an N95 mask will work and that only first responders can get N95 masks. I care NOT ONE IOTA what Ned "thinks". He has no medical background and his advisers are saying outright that other face coverings do nothing to prevent the spread, This is flat-out tyranny. Just like they do to women in certain areas of the middle east. I will not comply!!!!!


Get a grip. They DO help.It's not so much about a person who doesn't have it, it's about that person who has it, but is asymptomatic and is unknowing spreading it. A mask on them will make it harder for them to spread it to others. Of course it's not fool proof but it helps prevent the spread.

Brian C. Duffy

Fringe: "Lions and tigers and tyrants, oh my!"

Brian Duffy~~ Tariffville


Cool. Don't comply because you are childish. Stomp your feet and write in all caps. Use several exclamation points for no reason. You are a tough guy that is headstrong and stubborn to a fault We get it. If you get Covid-19 don"t come here with your angry foolishness. Just stay home please.


Oh, so now that Cuomo mandated it, that means you can finally mandate it??? This should have been done TWO WEEKS AGO along with monitoring the border for who is coming into our state from NY(like Rhode Island is doing)! WHERE WERE YOU? Come on Lamont, be a LEADER on this and stop waiting for others to make the belated calls.You are costing lives.

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