MANCHESTER, CT (WFSB) -- Now that the warmer weather is here, many people are turning on their air conditioning or installing their window units once again.

But, ductless systems are growing in popularity for people, like Kim Dionne of Manchester.

She used to rely on window air conditioners to cool her home, but she wanted to see what else was out there.

"They're also very noisy and you can't see out the windows when they're in,” Dionne said.

When it came to central air, she decided on a ductless system for her home.

"They would have had to tear apart part of the house, put slots in the ceiling,” Dionne said.

The system was installed by the company she works for, Nutmeg Mechanical Services.

"This way, I can use it like central air. There is more temperature control because each room has an individual remote, so I can set it to the temperature I want,” Dionne said.

She has four units throughout her house.

"It's very easy to use, you just have an on/off function to turn between cooling and heating," said sales manager Chris Wierzbicki, who explained how the system works.

Wierzbicki said the ductless systems are growing in popularity.

On average, he said they install about two to three per week.

"I would say, honestly, about 100% increase over conventional systems in the last few years,” Wierzbicki said.

The reason is cost and the ability to customize your system.

"If you're looking for what we call a one-to-one design, I would average before loan programs and rebates, about $5,000,” Wierzbicki said.

As you keep building the system, it would get more expensive.

"A whole home installation would usually between $10,000 to 15,000 in cost,” Wierzbicki said.

Dionne said she’s already seeing the return, and is saving about $70 to $80 per month.

"It basically pays for itself in the end,” Dionne said.

If you want to find out which option works best for you, Wierzbicki says the best thing you can do is reach out.

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