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SOUTHINGTON, CT (WFSB) -- To trade, to sell or hold on for more time.

Knowing when to upgrade your cell phone has become a bit of a challenge every year, as new phones are released.

A new version of a phone comes out almost annually, many times boasting the latest processors, battery tech and displays.

A smartphone can be anywhere from $50 bucks to over $1,000 with all the bells and whistles, so when it breaks it can be a big deal.

“At Mobile Rescue, we are a cell phone and computer repair store. We repair cracked phones, repair cameras, batteries, chargers, you name it, you break it, we fix it,” said Gerard Little, owner of Mobile Rescue in Southington.

The main problem they deal with at the repair shops are broken screens and a dwindling battery life.

“You get some people, one crack and they want to replace their phone,” Little said.

Many times, if a phone is insured, it can come at little cost, otherwise it may be worth getting a simple repair depending on the cost of the battery.

“It’s a really fine line, technically it really is, it’s a fine line,” Little said.

Unless you’re playing video games, that demand high res graphics, or need that tip top camera lens making a phone call and texting will be about the same on every phone.

“If you’re not experiencing any problems. I don’t really see the need to upgrade,” Little said.

The best deals for phones tend to come around the holidays, but you can find them throughout the year.

The bottom line is make the trade within your budget.

“The best time to upgrade is when your phone is paid for. You don’t want to upgrade the phone when you have to pay for the phone still,” Little said.

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