(WFSB) -- Summer temperatures came early this year, forcing many people to get those air conditioners blowing.

However, experts said there’s been some trouble.

“It's been crazy. We had an on-call guy over the weekend get an excess of 10 calls. We usually don't get that in 3 or 4 months,” said Mark Putorti, service manager for Air Temp Residential.

From repairs to maintenance, the spike in calls allowed them to rehire those who were let go because of the pandemic.

“People are starting their systems for the first time. Sometimes the outdoor unit has been covered and the electricity disconnected, and they don't realize that,” Putorti said.

Another issue is that systems might be too old, and parts might need to be replaced.

However, a lot of the times the troubleshooting is simple like cleaning a filter.

“When it looks like it has a sweater on, that’s a dirty filter. You can see it permeates through,” he explained.

Filters should be replaced about once or twice a year to avoid air from being restricted, and it can even help with allergies.

Putorti said they can be bought at any hardware store, and all you need are the measurements printed on the side. When you put it back in, look at the arrow indicators.

“When you put this in your furnace, the air comes down from the return goes in and into the furnace then out. So, you want to make this arrow follow the air flow,” Putorti said

The maintenance is important outside as well, as grass and other types of debris can surround and hurt the system.

“If they are going to do it themselves, turn the unit off and then get the regular garden hose. I would say not a pressure washer, because that could potentially damage the fins,” said Patrick Cane, a service technician.

He added that if the problem is your thermostat, you might want to change the batteries.

For those with window air conditioners, don’t forget to clean the filters there too.

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