(CNN/WFSB) - There's a new TikTok challenge that could land participants in the hospital or worse.

It's called “dry scooping.”

It involves ingesting pre-workout powder with no liquid.

One social media influencer said she suffered a heart attack after taking the challenge and she's just 20 years old.

There's a new TikTok challenge that could land participants in the hospital or worse. Samuel Britten reports, courtesy of WTVC and CNN.

The advice from experts is simple: Don't do it.

It's always good to get some exercise.

"I don't use pre-workouts,” said Keenan Daniels.

Anyone like Daniels or gym owner Tobe Taylor, works out without any pre-workout supplements.

"I have great energy as it is,” Taylor said.

One of the latest TikTok trends, "dry scooping," is consuming pre workout powder without any liquids

"I definitely wouldn't recommend taking anything dry or without any type of liquid fluids,” Taylor said.

“When you ingest caffeine so quickly and such a large amount, it can cause very dangerous sudden rises in heart rate, blood pressure. This increase our risk for irregular heartbeats, otherwise known as arrhythmias. All of which increase our risk for a cardio vascular event, heart attack, stroke," said Amanda Zaleski, an exercise physiologist at Hartford Hospital.

She said pre-workout supplements aren't regulated by the FDA.

“So this means these powders could potentially be laced with band substances, like stimulants, steroids or other toxic ingredients," Zaleski said. "You’re dealing with some serious ingredients. It goes right to the bloodstream if you’re not going to dilute it with water.”

Experts are now asking parents to speak with their children about these dangerous trends, and fitness trainers and doctors say using that powder this way won’t help you work out or lose weight any faster.

"So, they're getting a large portion of caffeine in one sitting,” said Dr. Harish Manyam, Erlanger Chief Of Cardiology. “When you do that, it increases the blood pressure substantially."

Manyam warned people to stay away from this trend.

"You're getting this high dose of caffeine right away, rather than most people who maybe sip their drink prior to going into the gym,” Manyam explained.

Taking the powder dry can result in some dire consequences.

One TikTok user who did the challenge admitted that she ended up in the hospital from a heart attack from taking Red Con Total War powder.

Challenges like this have popped up on social media before.

"I remember the cinnamon challenge, thought it was stupid,” Daniels recalled.

So how did parents like Daniels react to this trend?

"You're like 'oh my goodness. Where's the parent?' First thought is where's the parent?" Daniels asked.

It's things like this he said he has to tell his kids to stay away from.

"You educate them on it, you do your best as a parent, you see to it that they do what you say,” he said.

This challenge is more dangerous than some, experts said.

Taylor makes sure his 8- year-old stays away from it.

"He stays inside the gym, he has a great mentor and so I don't think we'll have anything to worry about,” Taylor said.

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