BRISTOL, CT (WFSB) -- While there was a short break from the extreme heat on Thursday, Saturday’s forecast will have plenty of people drinking water.

Folks all over the state are being advised to take precautions, especially those who work outside.

For Tobacco Construction of Bristol, its line of work can be taxing.

At the moment, it's doing road repairs while fixing drainage and replacing basins.

Mix in the hot weather, the tough workload gets tougher.

“It’s been pretty sticky. Very humid. Got to drink a lot of water. Make sure everybody is staying safe and hydrated,” said Matt Newberry, of Tobacco Construction.

With several recent heat waves, he’s making sure everyone on the job is following safety protocols.

“Everybody needs a little break every now and then. Just pull everyone off to the side,” Newberry said.

That’s an approach Scott Humphrey with Travelers likes to hear.

The insurance company sees its share of heat-related claims, although wouldn't comment on how many.

It works with employers to reduce workers compensation loss.

Humphrey said there are several ways to make sure everyone from the top of the company to the field crews know the warning signs.

“Some of the common signs of heat exhaustion are going to be things such as sweating, dizzy, pale, nausea,” Humphrey said.

To avoid it and other issues such as cramps, heat rash and heat stroke, he recommends people use a wet cooling towel to wrap around your neck, drink plenty of water, and take frequent breaks.

“You might consider rotating employees through that job. Or you might consider ‘can I do that job at a time of day when it’s cooler’,” Humphrey said.

With the forecast expected to get hotter and more humid, workers in the elements will need to take extra safety measures.

The takeaway is, know when your body is overworking while you work outside, and recognize the signs in others.

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