Eyewitnesses describe moments before deadly East Hartford plane crash

Dozens of emergency responders were called to the plane crash on Tuesday (WFSB)

A plane crash in East Hartford impacted many people in the area, causing traffic delays, power outages and closed nearby businesses.

One person was killed in the plane crash, and three others were taken to the hospital.

The plane crashed on Main Street at around 3:30 p.m.

“It was really low, and I was staring at it. And all of a sudden it was on its side kind of, and it went down and I heard it crash,” said Michael Pullo, who watched the plane fall from the sky from his porch on Colt Street.

Steve Young saw the impact too from his hotel room at the nearby Madison Motor Inn on Main Street.

“He just crashed, onto Main Street. God it was horrible. As soon as it hit, it exploded,” Young said.

Immediately, Young ran toward the ball of fire.

“I thought I could help somebody, but when I saw the flames, I says ‘no way I can’t get near there,’ it scared me,” Young said.

The sound of the crash scared everyone who heard it, and then they smelled the smoke.

“We ran outside to see what it was and right around these trees here, just a huge pile of black smoke. It was crazy, just huge,” said Miguel Navarro.

All of the witnesses believe it’s a miracle more people didn’t get hurt.

“It's kind of a crowded area,” Navarro.

The crash had a big impact on the area.

Businesses near Main Street closed early, and Navarro’s classes at nearby Goodwin College were canceled, and hundreds of people lost power.

But all the witnesses agree they'll feel the true impact of what they saw and heard today for a long, long time.

“I haven't even absorbed the experience yet to tell you the truth,” Young said.

Now many of the businesses will have a hard time opening as long as the roads are shut down.

Goodwin College does plan to have classes on Wednesday throughout most of their campus, but the Main Street building may remained closed through at least Wednesday morning.

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