Facebook post about attempted abduction in West Hartford was false

A recent Facebook post cause a panic in West Hartford (Facebook)

Police said a viral Facebook post about an attempted child abduction in West Hartford is the result of a misunderstanding.

If you see something strange, you should definitely report it to police, but in this situation, a friend of a family who didn’t have her facts straight posted something on Facebook that led to a panic.

In the post, the author said her friend’s daughter was nearly the victim of human trafficking.

The post explains that a man had apparently described the girl on the phone right before a black SUV pulled up alongside her, and the criminal was only stopped because the girl’s father showed up just in the nick of time.

However, police said there is no reason to panic. They investigate the incident at a downtown intersection, but surveillance video shows a man was just talking on a Bluetooth device as an SUV pulled up.

Police said there is no evidence any crime was committed.

“It does create panic but it’s also reassuring to know that people care about you and care about others well-being even though it may not concern them directly,” said Alexa Wells, who saw the post on Facebook along with a bunch of her friends.

She said it put her on edge but she didn’t really know if it was true.

“A lot of people were just concerned about the safety of their family and friends so I don’t blame them for spreading it, I personally didn’t post it because I didn’t know the source. I don’t personally believe everything I hear on social media,” Wells added.

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