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Vanessa Morales

ANSONIA, CT (WFSB) - An Amber Alert for a missing toddler from Ansonia stretched into its third day on Friday.

One-year-old Vanessa Morales was first reported missing on Monday, though police said she hasn't been seen since the day after Thanksgiving.

The child's mother, Christine Marie Holloway, was found dead in her home in Ansonia on Monday.

The Amber Alert for Vanessa was issued on Wednesday.

Police have not elaborated on what evidence they found or what leads they continue to follow, but they said they're hopeful the toddler is alive and still in Connecticut.

Thursday, investigators spent the day checking Kiducation donation bins in Derby and in Ansonia after police were notified that something related to the case was in them.

K9 teams were also seen searching a wooded area in Derby on Derby Avenue on Friday, not far from those donation bins.

Police confirmed they are running two simultaneous investigations: One to find Vanessa and one to determine who killed Holloway.

They did not say which investigation correlates to any of the recovered evidence.

“We’re not going to go into the items that we have found so far, other than to say the evidence is being recovered and we’re hoping to analyze and it will lead to a successful conclusion in this case," said Lt. Patrick Lynch, Ansonia police.

Also on Thursday, police identified Holloway as the the deceased mother of Vanessa. Her death was labeled suspicious when they first reported it on Monday.

Since then, her family has spoken out.

They asked that everyone in their communities and beyond help bring the child safely home.

“At this point right now we’re just trying to figure out how we can get the baby home. We are concerned very much of how this happened and who could have done something very, very crazy to a 1-year-old," said Josh Morales," a cousin of Vanessa's.

Pastor James Midgley with the First United Methodist Church of Ansonia has reached out to other local pastors and the mayor to organize a prayer vigil for Saturday night.

“I thought if we gathered the local community around, there is nothing more powerful than the power of prayer. Especially in this advent season we rely on hope and on the faith that this little girl is okay," Midgley said.

The vigil is set for Saturday at Veterans Park next to Ansonia City Hall.

In the meantime, police said Jose Morales, the father of Vanessa Morales, was arrested for criminal possession of a firearm in New Haven on Tuesday. However, they said the charges are not related to the Amber Alert or the murder of Holloway.

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