NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- Family members and friends of a man shot and killed by police in West Haven last week held a protest on Tuesday afternoon, calling for justice.

Nearly one week ago, 19-year-old Mubarak Soulemane was shot by police following a carjacking in and high-speed chase.

According to state police, Soulemane stole a car at knife point in Norwalk Wednesday afternoon. He then got onto I-95 leading police on a high-speed chase into West Haven. During the chase, Soulemane was seen driving on the shoulder and the center median, and ended up hitting two state police cruisers as well.

VIDEO: State Police release video of officer-involved shooting in West Haven

Police said Soulemane got off at exit 43 and hit another car before troopers boxed him in.

Officers tried tasing him, and police said when Soulemane reached for something, determined to be a knife, that’s when Trooper Brian North fired his gun.

Soulemane’s family is calling for Trooper North to be indicted or fired, a press release said.

According to the family, Soulemane suffered from Schizophrenia, which they said “fills the mind with invasive and vile thoughts.”

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"Our Mubarak was someone who could light up the room with his genuine smile and open heart. His light was craved by many because he was a respectable, thoughtful and kind human being. Mubarak was the kind of person who would provide shelter for a friend because they had no other place to stay,” his sister Mariyann said in a press release.

Family members say regardless of what happened leading up to the chase and shooting, he didn't deserve to die.

“All I want is justice. I want justice," said Omo Klusum Mohammad, Soulemane's mother.

On Tuesday morning, she and other family members joined the Greater New Haven Clergy Association and met with the state's Public Safety commissioner.

“I give them credit for having us and having a discussion with us and trying to understand what we’re going through, but this is the first step and I think its going to be a long ride," said Salemanu Mohammad, Soulemane's uncle.

The Middlesex State’s Attorney and investigators with the Department of Criminal Justice are heading up the investigation, though the family wants the U.S. Attorney’s Office to get involved.

Initially the New London State's Attorney was part of the investigation, however he's preparing for a triple murder trial in March, which is expected to be lengthy.

“We talked to the commissioner about de-escalation training and they are willing to do more. We talked to them about culture diversity training, implicit bias," said Rev. Boise Kimber, of First Calvary Baptist Church.

Trooper North is on desk duty while the investigation plays out, but for the family and the faith leaders, that's not good enough.

“Justice for me, I want the officer to stop working today. He needs to step out until we go on with the investigation," Klusum Mohammad said.

The Department of Public Safety and the Division of Criminal Justice have said this will be a transparent investigation.

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(20) comments

Shall Not Be Infringed

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You thug punk kid is now in eternal downtown, probably picking out a pineapple so that Satan can shove it up his *&@! Protest THAT.

Kenny Sunbright

What that user name you would think human rights would apply to everyone, not just you.

Kenny Sunbright

With a user name like that you would think human rights would apply to everyone, not just you.


If, according to his family, he was so schizophrenic, why wasn't he in a mental health facility? His death was brought upon by his own behaviors.

Kenny Sunbright

Because we don't lock people up for life. Often they are released and do well when they manage their symptoms.


How about holding a rally to talk about better parenting? How is this kid the victim? The victims are; the one who was car jacked, and familys, who now are w o a loved one. It is sad whenever someone young does something incredibly stupid, wreckless, unwarranted, and illegal- then winds up dead. The real issue is why this kid thought he was so special he could steal someone's car, evade the cops, endanger lives on the road, resist arrest, and blatantly ignore a cop. It is not ok for the family to take advantage of this tragedy, and exploit it as an issue of police brutality. There's nothing unjust at all about what the cop did. This "super duper, great kid" was a menace to society, and took his life in his own hands. Any sentient being understands that if you steal, then flee, then crash, then STILL resist arrest, and disobey an officer- it's not going to end well for you! Then, this thug goes and reaches for something! Hmmm, wonder what's going to happen next??? You get shot! That's what happens! This "family" should be ashamed for trying to pass the buck on to the cop. How about taking responsibility? Using it as a lesson to others? This is exactly why a certain subculture is so despised by all others- bc you cause all sorts of trouble, put people at risk, then cry when you get what's coming to you. And no, that is not racism! It's the truth. No other group has had such a hard time getting it together. We support the majority of you financially, we give you preferential treatment to get ahead, we lower test standards so you can compete, and yet here you are whining. There are consequences for your actions. This thug signed his own death certificate. We are tired of hearing your non sense.

Kenny Sunbright

How is schizophrenia the byproduct of bad parenting? As a wife of an LEO husband you could use this opportunity to bring the community together instead of driving it apart through racist diatribes.

Kenny Sunbright

"a certain subculture is so despised by all others" Thank you for admitting to this. Now would the the time to make the connection between deep seeded hate and how that influences your treatment of minorities on a broader scale. Any group of people when met with hate or the byproducts of said hate will exhibit all the malcontent, entitlement and failures you enjoy using as an excuse to discriminate against others.

David Fiorio

Thank You officer Brian North for protecting us from this criminal!!! ...and for years to come.

Kenny Sunbright

Wow- I thought eugenics was a thing of past.


I applaud Trooper North for carrying out his duty to protect the citizens of CT. Law-biding citizens are tired of hearing family members and friends of these criminals saying that the offender was a good kid and innocent, He wasn't a good kid on the day that this occurred. He high jacked a car at knife point, led police on a high speed chase endangering innocent people, crashed 2 cars and then resisted arrest by failing to get out of his car. He is not the victim, Trooper North is the victim. he's the one that will have to deal with the justified taking of a life. As for the family demanding that Trooper North be fired that is completely unwarranted. The families of these young criminals should start teaching their good kids to obey the laws, respect the police or they will have to deal with the consequences. Our police deserve our respect and we should all be thankful that we have them to keep the criminals at bay. My condolences to the family but your son brought this on himself.


dbald8 - Well said

Kenny Sunbright

Until you or a loved one become victim to shoot first ask questions. Remember the pest guy in Phoenix? Philando Castile? Maybe if you could stop pontificating from your moral high ground and work on ending poverty/racial inequality there wouldn't be so many criminals running around angry at the society you created.

Kenny Sunbright

And how can he get out when the door was against a police cruiser? Get your facts right before you attempt to school humanity.

Jame Gumb

Wondering why these bums have so much free time to support a domestic terrorist. Glad our state police weren't hurt, and removed someone who will never contribute to society in the process.

Kenny Sunbright

Bums? Half these people are more accomplished than you. Never contribute? Mubarak Soulemane was in community college, doing well, and ready to study a major. You need help differentiating between reality and your racist delusions.


The family if this man should be apologizing to the victim of the armed car jacking, the brave police officers for courting their lives in jeopardy, and the citizens of CT for putting them in danger as well. How about getting answers to why this criminal was not a law abiding citizen of humanity.....


I'm sorry, did I miss something? Protest what? He carjacked someone at knife point and led police on a high speed chase, rammed two cruisers and apparently went for the knife. Schizophrenia does not make him innocent. If the family knew he had vile thoughts then he should have been institutionalized until he was no longer a danger to himself an others.


Hold a protest for what? Perhaps they should hold a protest for better parenting.


Completely agree. This is disgusting. Blaming everyone else for what their child brought on by their own bad choices.

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