STAMFORD, CT (WFSB) - The attorney for the estranged husband charged in connection to the disappearance of a missing New Canaan mother has filed another motion to access the missing mom's medical records. 

Norm Pattis believes missing mother Jennifer Dulos received medical services on July 7, more than six weeks after she went missing on May 24. 

Pattis says the records are necessary in Fotis Dulos' defense. 

In response to Pattis' claims, the spokesperson for Jennifer Dulos' family and friends released a statement on Tuesday saying "The insurance claim in question, dated July 7, 2019, is for an auto-billed quarterly fee with no connection to in-person services—the Anthem claims summary in Mr. Dulos’s possession lists this same charge every three months. To allege that Jennifer obtained medical treatment in July is absurd. To allege that Jennifer—together with her family—orchestrated her own disappearance is baseless and cruel. Yet again, the allegations by Mr. Dulos’s attorney blame the victim and inflict pain on her family and loved ones."

This is the third time Pattis has filed a motion for access to the missing mother's medical records. 

Fotis Dulos has been arrested twice in connection to Jennifer Dulos' disappearance. He has been charged with hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence. 

Fotis' girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, was also arrested in the case and charged with hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence. They both faced a judge last week

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I don't believe that she seeked any medical treatment in May when they was a good amount of her blood found in her garage and her vehicle and in the truck Fotis was using, and lets not forgot the his DNA mixed in with her blood, and all the blood stained clothes he disposed off, but he didn't bring her to the doctor when she needed it, no he disposed of her. His attorney has a nerve to state she is still alive, how dare he. He is a disgusting man and I see that a lot of the people he represents end up in jail anyways. We all know Fotis is guilty guilty, guilty and so is his girlfriend that sticks up for him and we all know she knows exactly where the body is and what he did with it. I guess instead of helping the family, and police she would rather join in him jail for many, many years. I guess she does not care much about her daughter to help a man dispose of his wide and help him plan the whole thing. And why was Fotis demanding that the guy whose truck he used to change the seats change the seats. I am sure the cops have a lot more evidence and there is enough already to show their guilt. I would never hire Norm Pattis for a thing, he loses his cases, he is a disgusting attorney, he is delusional with his theories cause none of them make any sense. Everybody these days is on anxiety meds and some depression meds this is a very depressing world. And even if Jennifer was on meds that has nothing to do with her death. And Fotis that he cares so much about his kids not so at all, if he cared about kids you don't kill their mother no matter how bad things get. And you pay child support to care for kids, being a father means more than saying I love my children, it means supporting them financially FOTIS!!!!!!!!!! This man Fotis only cares about one person and that is himself, he has his girlfriend brainwashed like he really cares for her that why they are saying she is a liar. I am surprised she has not smarted up by now either. Nobody cares about the book theory or the medical theory. They better find something better to use in court because as it stands now he is GUILTY and will get LIFE.


What a POS this attorney is. His client will be found guilty and he'll be able to continue practicing law


This guy is as guilty as it gets, and his lawyer is a thrill seeker with a lucrative but losing track record. Clearly he and his attorney know there is something in her medical record they can use to create another theory. Perhaps a depression medication, or some other indicator of a mental illness like cutting herself. They need the records to provide another theory to steer away from the obvious indication that he killed her.


Sure, she's still alive going to the doctor while remaining hidden from the public. All that blood found in the Hartford rubbish was just a coincidence too right? This is why I hate lawyers.


Once again the attorney is grasping at straws. I have had numerous medical statements sent to me with more recent dates than the actual date of my medical visit. Is that the best Dulos could get with all that money?

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