Family's driveway vandalized with racial, politically charged messages

Some racial and politically charged messages were left on a family's driveway (WFSB)

A racial and politically charged message written in the driveway of a family that is new to town has police investigating.

The Ferguson family moved to Southington about a year ago, they have four kids, and it was a warm welcome until now.

“My husband got up to go to work this morning and called me and said somebody has written all kinds of racial stuff on the driveway and that’s how we found it,” said Crystal Ferguson.

The message was written in chalk on the driveway and sidewalk. It read “your ancestors were immigrants… support Trump? You are supporting the deportation of yourselves.”

Then the culprit drew a middle finger and wrote “wake up! Bigots live here”

Then a personal jab was written “P.S. It’s not even October, your Halloween decorations are sad.”

Also, someone wrote on the sidewalk “racists” with an arrow pointing to the Fergusons' home.

“My first reaction was I wanted to wash it off and get rid of it as soon as possible because I felt kind of embarrassed by it, but then I stopped and thought no. Everybody needs to know that this is out there,” Ferguson said.

The family moved up to Connecticut from South Carolina, and their home is near the high school and the bus stop is right on the corner by their driveway.

“Kids were out here this morning and they were all reading this,” Ferguson said.

The Fergusons have four children, ages 22, 17, 6 and 2, and they’ve enjoyed living in a close-knit neighborhood.

“I always put up my decorations and every year I always put up my American flags for every holiday, even Labor Day I had them all here lining the sidewalk. And I put out my American flags yesterday in my flowers for fall and then today this. And with everything going on with the NFL that’s all I can think about that could have sparked it,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson says her son had a President Trump flag on his truck and a Confederate flag was in the backyard for a time but that was a while back.

“It’s got to be someone in the community because they would remember that he had the Trump flag, that we supported Trump and I actually had a confederate flag flying back where my elf flag is at and for Labor Day I put all the flags out and nothing was ever said, nothing, I would have thought that would have sparked something,” Ferguson said.

Politics aside, Ferguson said, “it scares people, I mean they trespassed, they’ve done a hate crime, it’s vandalism and they were bold enough to do it, what’s next.”

Ferguson reported the message to police and she’s called a security company.

Residents in the neighborhood were discovering what had happened while out on their walk.

“I don’t understand. I just don’t understand how someone could do this. I’m sorry Crystal from those of us in this neighborhood. We wouldn’t do this,” said Laurie Milewski, of Southington.

On Tuesday, Ferguson turned on the hose and rinsed the message away while putting out her own message by her mailbox.

“We can talk about this, but just to do this is cowardly,” Ferguson said.

She has been very adamant that she is not going to let these messages get to her, the neighbors have been supportive and police are investigating.

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