NEWTOWN, CT (WFSB) -- A Sandy Hook family is hoping the White House will honor the brave act of one of the victims of the devastating shooting that happened in 2012.

The shooting on Dec. 14, 2012 claimed the lives of 26 students and educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Among the 20 first grade students who died during that harrowing day, Jesse Lewis was one of them. He died trying to save his classmates.

Now, his family hopes the president will remember the act with the highest civilian honor.

“For me, it’s really important that I try to get this story and this message of a courageous 6-year-old little boy out to as many people as possible,” said Jesse’s brother JT Lewis, who wants everyone to know who his hero is.

More than seven years ago, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was considered America’s deadliest mass shooting at the time.

Huddled with other students in a corner, JT said his brother Jesse noticed a break in the carnage.

Reports reveal Jesse yelled for his classmates to run while the shooter ran out of bullets or experienced a jammed gun. Nine of them survived.

Thursday, JT Lewis, a busy UConn student, took the story straight to the White House.

“We’re petitioning President Trump award him posthumously with the presidential Medal of Freedom,” JT Lewis said.

Past recipients include a number of legendary names: Rosa Parks, Billy Graham, Mother Teresa and most recently, Rush Limbaugh.

JT’s efforts started last year before meeting Vice President Mike Pence, but his quest gained momentum following the hashtag #honorJesse on Twitter.

“It’s great to see the message getting out there,” JT Lewis said.

It received more than two million impressions, one of them being the White House.

“I got an email the next day from the White House and they said we saw your tweet, we saw a lot of traction obviously and we just want you to know he is now on the list to be considered for the Medal of Freedom,” JT Lewis said.

The high honor brings high hopes.

JT says he thinks about Jesse every day, and now he wants others to do the same and remember how a 6-year-old laid down his life when no one asked him to.

Channel 3 did reach out to the Trump administration for a comment on the story, but hasn’t yet heard back.

In the meantime, Jesse’s family is honored to just be on that list but hope he will be awarded with the Medal of Freedom.

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(2) comments

Jame Gumb

Hopefully the award falls to such a brave individual. It's far more than Obama ever did post-Sandy. Time to substitute foreign aid for upgrading all public schools to prevent anything like this from happening again.


...and it would give all the Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists a heart attack because it will give an award to someone that was there. And the kicker, it would alienate some of his base.

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