Family shell shocked by tortoise disappearance

Toby the tortoise disappeared on Saturday. (Family photo)

A family in Waterbury is looking for their pet tortoise after they said it disappeared.

Since the weekend, Dawn Melendez and her family have been searching high and low for "Toby."

“He must have gotten out of the side gate and wandered into the yards across the way," Melendez said.

The disappearance left 2-year-old Nicholas heartbroken. Nicholas is Melendez's grandson.

“He’s not just an animal, he’s a pet, he’s his friend," Melendez said.

And he's a 35 pound tortoise. See more photos of him here.

However, there's no denying the unlikely bond between the Nicholas and Toby.

“It’s hard to see him get up in the morning and look for him and he’s not here," Melendez said.

The family said a man actually found Toby and didn't know what to do with him. So, the tortoise was brought to Sperry Pond.

That's where the family has focused their search efforts, though they've been looking all over town.

They said there have been sightings, but the family believes Toby is near the pond.

They said he is not a water turtle and doesn't like the cold.

“As fast as he is traveling, there’s no way he can get that far," Melendez said.

Fliers have gone up and social media posts have been shared dozens of times.

It describes Toby as being friendly and will allow people to pick him up.

Now, the family said they're just hoping Toby finds his way home.

“It’s like part of the family, we miss him dearly," Melendez said. "My grandson means the world to me and we just want to get him back so the two of them can be together again.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Melendez at 203-908-5947.

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