Plainville family in need

A Plainville family struggling to make ends meet is looking for help in saving their home (WFSB)

PLAINVILLE, CT (WFSB) -- It's been a difficult few years for one family in Plainville.

They've fallen on hard times and now they fear, they could lose their beloved home.

It was back in the late 1970's that Mark Warner’s father and grandfather built their home on Eisenhower Drive in Plainville.

He grew up there from the time he was 3 until the age of 14 when the house was sold.

Now, Warner would one day call this place "home" once again.

"it just happened to be for sale when we were looking for a home,” Warner said.

He and his wife Christina bought the home in 2005.

"It's the place where we had our daughter. It's filled with memories. We got married in the kitchen the year after we bought the house,” Christina Warner said.

The couple and their two daughters, Sarah and Izzy, said they need help staying in the home they love so much.

Their problems started a few years ago.

"I woke my wife up seizing. They call it ‘status epilepticus.’ It's just like a grand mal seizure that just never ends, so you just seize and seize and seize,” Mark Warner said.

He credits his wife, a registered nurse, for keeping him alive that day and keeping the whole family afloat these days.

He was able to hold onto his job for about two years, but he said his condition became too disruptive.

He's been without an income since then.

"I’ve had 70 job interviews. I've applied to literally thousands of jobs. she's the reason we have food to eat, the lights are on, and we have heat,” Mark Warner said.

"When your spouse needs you, and especially when your children need you, you can't think about what you want to do. It's what you need to do to do things going,” Christina said.

There was threat of foreclosure back in 2016.

They re-modified their mortgage less than a year later, and they've now shared their story online in the hopes of raising more than $200,000.

"We're trying to raise not only the mortgage itself but closing costs and legal fees to make sure everything is taken care of to make sure we don't have to worry about it anymore,” Mark Warner said.

They've already seen support from all over the world, and for that, Mark said they're forever grateful.

For a closer look at the family's story and for the ways that you can donate, click here.

The Department of Banking does a few things for people in trouble.

It directs people to the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, which has a program called the emergency mortgage assistance program. It's cash assistance in the form of the loan. which can help supplement mortgage payments.

The department can also refer people to one of several certified HUD-approving housing counselors across the state to help assist with a plan.

People can also reach out to the mortgage company and do a loss mitigation application. They would deal directly with the mortgage company to figure out a better loan payment.

The foreclosure hotline is 1-877-472-8313.

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