FARMINGTON, CT (WFSB) – Dozens of employees for a Farmington-based company found out they are now out of a job after signs were posted outside of their work on Monday.

Ultimate Nutrition is based in Farmington and produces body building products and other health nutritional supplements.

It has facilities in Farmington, New Britain, and Florida.

Some employees reached out to Channel 3 looking for answers after they found out their jobs were terminated.

The employees found out they were let go without a human resources director sitting them down.

Lee Steel was an IT Director at the company, and on Monday morning found out that his job, along with many others, had been terminated, effective August 17.

The sign, posted on the front of the Ultimate Nutrition building, also said to get off the private property to avoid trespassing charges.

“I reached out by email to both the owners yesterday and the email has been shut off,” Steel said.

He said he also reached out to the HR director on Monday morning and heard nothing back.

Joseph McKenna, another employee, says being shocked is an understatement.

“I was promoted Tuesday to quality manager and here I am without a job,” McKenna said.

Employees tell Channel 3 there haven't been any signs pointed to the business being in trouble.

There were no missed paychecks, and its business, primarily overseas, remained steady.

Some of the employees said they felt the owners were unapproachable.

In 2014, Channel 3 discovered the company filed for bankruptcy chapter 11.

Channel 3 reached out to the company, but the voicemail box says its full. The emails that were sent also bounced back.

It’s unclear how many employees worked at Ultimate Nutrition.

The Farmington Town Manager’s office said it was not aware of plans for a shutdown and knew nothing about it.

Employees said they are also unable to retrieve their items inside the building, as they now are forced to look for new jobs to provide for their families.

“I just like to know what the story is here,” McKenna said.

The State’s Department of Labor said they could not reach Ultimate Nutrition. They said companies are only required to notify the state if they employ more than 100 full-time employees and terminate a minimum of 50 percent of their workers.

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That is awful when this happens they should at least have the decency to somehow let the employee know that their job might be terminated and why, this way the employee can if they wish start looking for another job. Did anyone check the New Britain office and reach out to the Florida office to see if they are open. Once a company files for bankruptcy you have to be very careful cause sometimes they don't survive and can close any minute. I hope everyone finds a new job soon.

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