FARMINGTON, CT (WFSB) - The frantic search for a missing mother continued into day 10 on Monday, a day after two people were arrested.

Jennifer Dulos' estranged husband Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, were arrested over the weekend, in connection with the 50-year-old mom's disappearance. 

They were charged with fabricating or tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution, and faced a judge on Monday morning.

Fotis Dulos, 51, and Traconis, 44, were ordered to turn in their passports, court officials in Norwalk said.

Both were given bonds of $500,000. Troconis was released later in the day Monday after posting bond. She was ordered to wear a GPS tracking device.

Arrest warrants were released on Monday and can be found here.

If Fotis Dulos doesn't post his bond, another hearing will be scheduled. Both are due back in court on June 11.

Jennifer Dulos has not been seen in more than a week.

Timeline of events surrounding New Canaan mom's disappearance

Investigators have spent a lot of time on a number of properties over the past few days, including in New Canaan, Hartford, and Farmington, where the family had lived before Jennifer and her children moved to New Canaan.

That's where the initial investigation began.

New Canaan police continue to call the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos a "missing persons case," but did say they launched a criminal investigation.

Sources close to the investigation told Ch. 3 last week that detectives are treating the case as a homicide.

Jennifer Dulos was last seen May 24, when she dropped her five children off at school. Later that night, her empty SUV was found near a park in New Canaan.

According to court documents, blood was found inside the New Canaan home where Jennifer lived, on the day she was reported missing.

State police, federal investigators and local officers have led multi-city searches over the past 10 days.

Investigators were spotted last week searching dumpsters in Hartford and appeared to have reviewed security footage.

In Farmington, they said they spent time in neighborhoods with connections to Fotis Dulos, at both Fotis' home on Jefferson Court and another property on Mountain Spring Road.

The day Jennifer went missing, Fotis' phone pinged at both homes.

Later in the day, Fotis and Troconis were allegedly seen on surveillance video, placing multiple garbage bags inside bins across the city of Hartford.

According to the arrest warrant, surveillance cameras picked up on what appears to be Fotis' truck, saying "a black Ford Raptor truck stopping at over 30 locations along a more than 4-mile stretch of Albany Avenue between Baltimore and Edward streets."

Also caught on video is a man police believe to be Fotis, who is seen "placing multiple garbage bags into various trash receptacles."

Officers also concentrated on a storm drain, where they found a FedEx mailer box. Inside it were two CT license plates whose appearance had been altered through the use of tape and adhesive.

They also saw a woman with him, who police say is Michelle Troconis.

She's seen "leaning out of the passenger seat of the Ford pickup and either placing something on the ground or picking up an item."

Inside those trash bins, police found garbage bags with "clothing with a blood-like substance, other items and household goods (e.g. kitchen sponge) with blood-like stains and other items."

After being tested by a lab, it was "found to contain Jennifer Dulos' blood."

Police say Fotis Dulos has declined to cooperate with the case so far.

His phone was seized, and shows that on May 24 it left his mansion on Jefferson Crossing and went to the home on Mountain Spring Road just after 1:30 p.m.

That's the home owned by Fotis' company. It was crawling with investigators this past weekend.

Police said Fotis stayed there for two hours then made the 2-mile drive back and forth three more times until just after 5:30 p.m.

Around 7 p.m., police said Fotis' cellphone was in the area of Albany Avenue in Hartford.

Channel 3 learned that Jennifer Dulos and Fotis Dulos were locked in a bitter divorce and custody fight when she disappeared.

In divorce papers, Jennifer Dulos accused her husband of infidelity, cruelty and threatening to kidnap the children and take them to Greece. He denied the allegations.

For the past several days, Channel 3 has been digging through hundreds of court documents.

According to documents, the court found Fotis to be not credible, after he lied under oath and violated a court order to not expose the children to his girlfriend, Troconis.

Court documents also said one of the Dulos children was meeting with a psychiatrist, who testified in court hearings, saying Fotis was “continually pressuring [his son] to lie” about being exposed to Troconis.

He added that “the pressure [Fotis Dulos] was placing on [his son] was tantamount to emotional abuse.”

Paperwork went on to say the doctor “believed that the situation was so serious that if [the mom] did not immediately take action on [her son’s] behalf... He would be required, as a mandated reporter, to contact the Department of Children and Families.”

The paperwork went on to say there was “A risk of physical danger [to one of the children] arising from the possibility that he may manifest suicidal thoughts and act on them” that is if the children continued to have unrestricted and unsupervised contact with their dad Fotis.

In March of 2018, a judge ruled Fotis' Dulos could only have supervised visits with the children.

Most recently he was spending time with them on Wednesdays and every other weekend and he was scheduled to see them on Memorial Day weekend, just one day after Jennifer was reported missing.

While the search for Jennifer Dulos continues, friends and family gathered at a Hartford Golf Club in West Hartford on Sunday night to pray.

"I know not everyone here this evening knows Jennifer, but those of us who do know her as an incredibly warm person as an unbelievably devoted mother, as an active member of our community supporting everything with her children volunteering for everything," said Aaron Cooper, head of New Canaan Country School at Pulpit. “Throughout this week one of the things I found myself saying to people repeatedly was that all we can do is hold hands and walk together one foot in front of the other and I meant it metaphorically."

Friends close to Jennifer Dulos called her someone who would never voluntarily go missing. Her children are staying with her mother.

Stay with Channel 3 for the latest.

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Well if you read the arrest warrants and all the evidence they have and have both of them on camera disposing of it and cell phone proof. I don't think either of them should be given bail, how come murderers that still haven't had their trials are offered no bail and locked up till their trial then. Think about those 5 kids don't have their loving mother anymore and the father killed her brutally. And his lover helped him. I don't know he can't be that smart there are cameras everywhere in Hartford all over the place and that is where they got rid of all the evidence and shown on camera both of them.


Very sad criminals always getting out on bail and are free. Something really wrong with legal system. Laws don't protect woman that complain about domestic violence, they protect the husbands afraid they are going to hurt their rights till another female ends up dead. When is the legal system and judges going to get it in their heads.


When you are innocent until proven guilty, you get to remain free until such time as you are convicted of a crime.

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