Yard Goats tickets now on sale

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the construction and work done on the new stadium for Hartford's minor league team by the former contractor, according to sources.

Sources in the city confirmed to Eyewitness News that FBI officials has talked to people in person and on the phone about prior projects by Centerplan Construction Company and how subcontractors were paid.

Centerplan was involved in a number of lawsuits with subcontractors with all of those lawsuits are on Connecticut’s judicial website. There were nearly 20 companies involved in lawsuits.

A source who knows a lot about the stadium project told Eyewitness News some subcontractors were never paid, even though the city paid Centerplan.

That same source told Eyewitness News possibly between $3 million and $5 million should have been paid to those subcontractors.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said the "probe being reported today is not focused on the City of Hartford."

"We believe that it was prompted by information proactively shared by the City of Hartford. As you know, my administration terminated Centerplan Construction Company in June for failure to perform, but we also expressed a much broader lack of confidence in Centerplan," Bronin said in a statement on Friday.

Bronin said around that same time, his administration "contacted the FBI to share concerns about Centerplan’s handling of the project, including their failure to pay subcontractors for their work."

"This is one more demonstration of our commitment to absolute accountability, because that’s what taxpayers deserve," Bronin went on to say.

Eyewitness News reached out to the attorney of Centerplan. They told Eyewitness News that they were not aware of any federal investigation and they had no comment. The FBI did not return calls and emails from Eyewitness News on Friday.

Because of cost overruns and delays, the stadium didn't open this year as planned. The city fired Centerplan and a new contractor Whiting-Turner is finishing the stadium.

In December, Hartford officials learned that Dunkin Donuts Park would be ready for opening day of the Yard Goats season. The home opener would be on April 13.

At a January meeting, the Hartford Stadium Authority that the work on Dunkin Donuts Park was on time.

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