BOLTON, CT (WFSB) - FBI agents seized guns belonging to a man in Bolton who violated a protective order, but it's unclear if they got all of the ones he was supposed to surrender.

The search on Shoddy Mill Road started at 9 a.m. on Thursday. The road was closed for awhile, but was back open by Friday morning.

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Michael Gramegna, 42, has been arrested several times on charges such as strangulation, assault and disorderly conduct. As a condition of his release on bond, he was required to surrender all of his registered firearms.

Officials said he didn't.

Troopers had said Friday afternoon they had trouble locating Gramegna. He was later found in East Hartford, where he tried to run away from police.

Officers tracked him through the woods and local streets before finding him in the area of Wickham Park.

In the meantime, investigators have been trying to locate the bulk of the 21 guns.

Bolton weapons

State police said they found several weapons and ammunition during a search of a Bolton man's property.

Friday afternoon, they revealed that they found:

  • A Bauer .25 caliber semi-automatic pistol with a magazine, with four .25 caliber rounds
  • A Ruger magazine with ammunition
  • A black magazine and box of Remington ammunition
  • Two-hundred-and-fifty 12 Gauge Herter’s shotgun shells
  • Three .22 caliber ammunition rounds
  • Forty-four .22 caliber ammunition rounds
  • One large caliber (suspected .50 caliber) ammunition round with belt links
  • Twelve .22 caliber rounds were discovered throughout Gramegna’s residence

Fifteen firearms were located off of the property, with one of the recovered firearms being stolen.

Several of the firearms seized thus far were not registered.

Neighbors have been watching as state police, FBI agents and a bomb squad canvassed the 30-acre property.

"I actually feel good about that," said Marianne Stowell, a neighbor. "And having the police around to kind of have a presence has been helpful."

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Earlier this month, troopers said they received information that Gramegna was heading to his home despite an active protective order that prohibits him from returning there or possessing weapons.

State police stopped his car and arrested him.

At that time, they said K9s found thousands of handgun and rifle rounds, large capacity magazines and three long guns, including an assault-style rifle.

Anyone with information about Gramegna's whereabouts is asked to call 911 or contact state police at 860-465-6500.

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(5) comments

Brian C. Duffy

According to latest Courant reports, he lives with Mom in a $600,000 house with 25 "junk" cars and a couple dozen guns apparently. If you can afford the guns, you can afford the ammunition tax. Can we still call him "poor" white trash?

Brian Duffy ~ Tariffville

Brian C. Duffy

15 down, 6 more to go. Confiscation - one gun at a time.

rick be

Wouldn't you want a gun to protect your property and wealth?

Brian C. Duffy

I've lived on the same street for over 50 years and I've never needed one gun, much less 21. You gun nuts are funny, Baldwin, are you also one of those sovereign kooks?. My "property and wealth" are protected by insurance.


"Police respond to shots fired at residence. Victim was found clutching life insurance papers."

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