Crumbling foundations a go-to issue for political candidates

(WFSB file photo)

There’s another hurdle for the Connecticut homeowners dealing with crumbling foundations, and another agency that says they can't help.

Recently the "Connecticut Citizens Against Crumbling Basements" filed a federal complaint.

On Monday, the United States Department of Justice responded and said they can't investigate, but the coalition isn't giving up. They say they're now taking their case to the FBI.

Homeowners in 36 towns in eastern Connecticut say they all have foundations that were built by the same company, with the same material that's proven to be a problem.

“I want you to understand that how can a potential billion-dollar problem be created and ignored and no accountability,” said Tim Heim, of the Connecticut Citizens Against Crumbling Basements.

Over the years, close to 600 homeowners have reported cracks in their foundations.

The company responsible, the JJ Mottes Company, has since gone out of business.

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