FDA warns parents about teething tablets

The FDA is warning about teething tablets and gels for children and infants (WFSB)

The FDA has a warning for parents who have bought homeopathic teething tablets or gels for their babies.

After receiving reports of children experiencing seizures after using one of the products, the FDA said the tablets and gels could pose a serious health risk to infants and children,

"Something like that is just very, very scary to hear,” said Angel Alvarado, who is a first-time dad.

His 5-month-old has just started teething, and said he was super surprised to learn about the warning.

"We're glad that they came out and said something to us,” Alvarado said.

The tablets and gels can be purchased over the counter at pharmacies, retail stores, and online.

The FDA is recommending families stop using them altogether.

"I've been in practice for 25 years and I've never seen an issue with that,” said Dr. Rosanne Demanski, who is a naturopathic doctor in West Hartford. "There might be some other component within that tablet that could be in an allergic compound and therefore should be cautioned to use."

For parents who might be worried, Demanski said she has some other ways to help soothe the teething pain.

"Clove oil is another option people used to use...that oil is antiseptic and an anodyne,” Demanski said. "I wouldn't recommend the oil directly to the child's gum, but cut with some olive oil, can help numb the gums."

She also said wetting a cloth with tea, tying it into a knot, and sticking it in the freezer is highly effective.

"And when it comes out, it's nice and cold for their teeth,” Demanski said.

Lastly, Demanski said massaging a baby’s hand and just above their upper lip can be calming and quell irritation.

Seizures aren’t the only concern...If your child has difficulty breathing, excessive sleepiness, muscle weakness, or trouble going to the bathroom after using one of these products, families should seek medical help and report it to the FDA.

The agency is asking the public to report any problems to them immediately.

For more information from the FDA, click here.

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