(WFSB) - Federal employees working without pay or furloughed are being targeted by scammers.

The Better Business Bureau on Tuesday warned government workers to be on the lookout for two particular kinds of scams.

The scammers have been reportedly posing as lenders offering aid or new jobs.

"These lenders will cold call and claim the consumer has been pre-approved for a loan and that all they have to pay a processing fee," the BBB said. "The scammer then requests a payment and makes off with the cash leaving the consumer without any assistance. This is a new twist on old phone scams that have been circulating for years."

The BBB offered some tips:

  • Never share personal information over the phone. Phone scammers phish for information that allows them to steal a person's money or identity.
  • Beware of businesses that offer extremely good deals out of the blue. If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is.
  • No reputable lender will enter an agreement without first doing a credit check. Be wary of instant loan offers.
  • Always do research before agreeing to doing business with someone. Check BBB.org to see if a business is trustworthy or not.

Employment scams ranked as the second most common scam of 2018, the BBB said.

The most frequently complained about one is similar to the loan scam.

"Scammers pose as a recruiter and contact the potential victim, asking them to apply for a position or that they've already been 'hired,'" the BBB said. "The scammer will often try and charge you for upfront 'training' costs before the 'job' starts."

They may even ask for personal and bank information by pretending to set up a direct deposit.

Anyone who encounters a potential scammer can file a complaint with the BBB and contact law enforcement.

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