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The Yale University Library is seen in New Haven, Connecticut.

NEW HAVEN (WFSB) - The way Yale accepts students could be changing after a scathing justice department investigation accuses the college of discriminating against whites and Asian Americans.

"I worked very hard for the grades that I had, summa cum laude for undergrad," Luis Vera of the Yale School of Nursing said Thursday.

That’s just some of the qualifications Vera needed to get into the Yale school of nursing

"I triple majored; I had another graduate degree prior to coming here."

Tonight, the justice department is calling the admissions process at the ivy league college into question.

The department’s two-year investigation accuses Yale of illegally discriminating against Asian American and white students by rejecting test scores from these applicants

The supreme court did rule colleges and universities may consider race in admission decisions, in a way to promote diversity and Yale president Peter Salovey responds, writing:

“Yale College could fill its entire entering class several times over with applicants who reach the 99th percentile in standardized testing and who have perfect high school grade point averages. We look at the whole person when selecting whom to admit.”

-Peter Salovey, Yale President.

Vera, who recently went through the interview process says it’s true.

"They didn’t want to hear about my accomplishments, they wanted to hear about something life-changing that happened to me and how I was going to use the platform that Yale will offer me to make a difference in this world."

The justice department says whites and Asian Americans have one-tenth to one-fourth of the likelihood of admission as African American applicants with comparable academic credentials, but Yale points to stats from the last 15 years which shows a rise in Asian American students from 14 to 22 percent. Students say no matter the race, whoever gets in is deserving.

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(6) comments


The only ones keeping racism alive in America are liberals and liberal colleges. Why does the selling of education entitle a business to racially discriminate? This is so wrong and blatantly unconstitutional. The liberals are hypocrites who argue race is irrelevant while at the same time continue to make it relevant and focus on it. They have some how gone from standing for equal opportunity for all to forced equality for blacks, at the expense of everybody else. It's time to put the racism down and judge people on their individual merits instead of their race, like Martin Luther King wanted!


Yes, of course Yale blatantly discriminates against much more qualified whites and Asians. However, in the present era, ability, accomplishment, aptitude, work, potential, and merit mean nothing if you are not a member of a politically favored group. Here is a simple way to understand how the world works in 2020. Black=good. White=bad. Woman=good. Man=bad. Gay or "transgender"=good. Heterosexual=bad. That's all that matters now. Our future doctors and nurses will be selected using these criteria only. Got that?


Identity politics and racism is what liberalism has become. How sad.

Brian C. Duffy

Wrong MiKKKe,

The whites and Asians are not more qualified. The article specifically states "comparable academic credentials", which is allowable by Grutter v. Bollinger. Yale wins this one easily.


From CNBC, June 18, 2020: "Harvard, Yale and 5 other Ivy League schools will not require SATs or ACTs for admissions next year” Why do you suppose these institutions (and many others) will no longer evaluate candidates' test scores? Because certain groups perform brilliantly on these tests, while others don't. And like IQ, high standardized test scores measure intelligence and predict academic success.

You can't achieve "racial equity" without soft and subjective admissions standards. Standardized tests are fair to all applicants. We can't have that! Fairness might lead to “disparate outcomes”. Fairness and objectivity are now obsolete. These things derive from “whiteness”. Better to admit less-qualified applicants with the correct skin color than to allow brilliant white and Asian candidates to succeed.

The long-term consequence of these policies will be pervasive incompetence in every field and occupation. That’s what happens when you substitute artificial criteria like skin color for merit and ability. Everyone will know the reason for the country’s precipitous decline. Yet few will dare say it.

If I’m still around, I’ll say it!

Brian C. Duffy

You'll say it but no one (but you) will know who you are. Futile and puerile.

What were your SAT scores? What college gave you a degree in Political Science? Don't bother to answer because it can't be verified.

Candidates with high SAT scores and average grades are brilliant but lazy.

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