HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - A tolls bill passed through a legislative committee on Wednesday.

The Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee met about the bill that would add tolls on CT highways.

It's the second committee to pass the bill, and did so by a vote of 30-20.

The Transportation Committee passed it earlier this year.

Both times it passed along party lines.

It now goes to the House and Senate.

The House speaker said he feels tolls will get a vote in the General Assembly, however details like where they will be are still unclear.

The governor's toll bill also gives authority to the Dept. of Transportation to set and change rates.

He’s working to convince lawmakers to support tolls, as the legislative session ends in three weeks.

The governor's plan is for 50 gantries on I-84, I-95, I-91 & Route 15.

Lamont said he is prepared to give up to a 50% discount for some CT commuters and high users, $1 bus fares, and a reduction in the gas tax.

The House speaker said details don't matter, since all Republicans plan to vote against tolls no matter what.

He also said Republicans are spreading misinformation, claiming 90 percent are against tolls.

Lamont's senior advisor said a recent Sacred Heart University poll shows "The majority of Connecticut residents, over 50 percent, likely support tolling when they learn that the funds generated will be subject to protections" such as a transportation lock box.

"Our legislators cannot be cowards. If they want tolls they need to say we want them. We are going to say where they are going to go and we are going to say how much we are going to charge," said Republican State Senator Len Fasano.

A recent study from U.S. News & World Report blasts the state’s transportation system.

Gov. Ned Lamont is hoping that study will convince lawmakers to vote "yes" on electronic tolls.

Lamont released a statement on Wednesday saying "Republicans and Democrats agree: Connecticut’s transportation system is hampering our ability to compete and grow and we must make the investments necessary now if we have any hope of changing this trajectory. Where we differ is how to get there. Republicans suggest taking out an unsustainable $11.2 billion loan on the state’s credit card, 100 percent of which we will be responsible for paying. My plan ensures that 40 percent of the revenue will be collected from people who don’t even live here. The majority of Connecticut support tolling to fund our infrastructure needs so long as those funds are remain guaranteed for use on transportation. If we want to grow jobs, grow our economy, and get our state on a path of success, we need to fix our transportation system and provide more stability in our finances. I applaud the action taken by the Finance Committee today and urge the legislature to take action. Let’s do this together, without borrowing or saddling future generations with debt, and let’s do it in a way that gives businesses large and small – and families – the confidence to know that we’re serious about fixing our state.”

More on the story starting at 5 p.m. on Channel 3.

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(7) comments


It seems more likely that 90% are against tolls than 50%. Among everyone I've asked, it's 100% against. So...


If the tolls were to generate money from outside the state then why are the major areas between towns in CT?


There will be anarchy and chaos!


King Lamont and his tolls!


Democracy is dead.


My husband has to go to work and go through the tolls to do so. Between gas and tolls it will take a big chunk out of his check. How do you suggest we make up for that money? Welfare..


Bunch of money suckers sob.

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