Huntington 02

NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - A firefighter was injured while helping put out a fire Thursday night.

The fire sparked around 8:30 at home on the 100 block of Huntington Avenue.

Huntington Avenue

Crews arrived to find a fire in the basement of the home and all of the occupants outside.

A second alarm was called for due to the department's lack of man power.

Crews were able to contain the flames to just the basement.

However, firefighters had to cut a hole in the residence's roof in order to properly extinguish the fire.

New Haven 2 Alarm Fire

A fire broke out on Huntington Avenue in New Haven Thursday night.

The home suffered extensive damage.

Fire officials said one firefighter had to be taken to an area hospital for treatment. Their condition is not yet known.

The Red Cross is assisting the occupants of the residence with finding other means of shelter.

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Interesting how the article was re-written so as not to blame the family for injuring the firefighter, but no actual correction note or retraction was added.

To clarify- this was initially written with the headline ‘careless cooking causes 2 alarm blaze that injures firefighter’ or something to that effect. The fire inspector himself declared this to be an electrical issue right after the blaze was put out. Mr. Masse put this article up within hours of it being contained (around 1 in the morning) and very obviously only did the most cursory research he could do before reporting. On being called out, he was quite rude. A family lost everything through no fault of their own, and Mr. Masse thought it would be a great article to submit for clicks. Hero firefighter injured by careless family’s mistake. If you had just lost everything and found an article blaming you for the fire, how would you feel? This whole organization needs to do better and fact check before publishing.


Dear Mr. Masse,

Tonight, my family and I lost our home to a fire that resulted from an electrical circuit issue. This is an incredibly misleading article— please retract this false narrative. Now.


A gal mourning the loss of her home

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