Firefighters respond to 3 heroin overdoses in one hour

(New London firefighters photo)

Firefighters in New London said they responded to three heroin overdoses in the span of an hour on Monday night.

The first call was at 6:15 p.m. for a pair of overdoses on Coleman near Elm, then two hours later there was another call on Williams.

The area has had its fair share of opioid problems over the past few years.

Since purchasing 200 Narcan kits in 2015, New London firefighters have treated nearly 200 people for drug overdoses.

At Lebanon Pines, a recovery center for addicts, Administrator Jack Milone said stronger chemicals are being mixed in with the heroin, creating deadly concoctions.

"It's not intended to be deadly. But mixing the drugs and adding things to it is not an exact science its done by people who aren't really qualified,” Milone said.

He said what is likely added is carfentanil or fentanyl to the mix, which are man-made chemicals that are craved by addicts to induce that next high.

Patterns of drug overdoses in a short timeframe is a problem New London has a handle on, thanks to the creation of the Opioid Action Team, comprised of 30 various community agencies working to abate the crisis.

"Every single day we have a multi-faceted approach to dealing with this crisis. First of all Narcan saturation. We’re trying to get as much Narcan as we possibly can infuse in this community,” said Jeanne Milstein, director of Human Services in New London.

Narcan saved Jordan, who is recovering from a heroin addiction, twice.

"It’s not a joke. It’s not fun anymore. They call it an epidemic now. It’s a problem. It’s been an epidemic for 20 something years,” Jordan said.

Now thankful to be alive to reach his 35th birthday this week, Jordan says not being a prisoner to the drug and being alive is the best gift.

"My future is staying sober and clean, sticking with a network of people, help me when I’m down if I ever need it,” he said.

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