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Fotis Dulos in critical condition after attempted suicide

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Fotis Dulos in critical condition after attempted suicide

STAMFORD, CT (WFSB) - A man accused of murdering his wife is in critical condition after an attempted suicide.

Fotis Dulos arrived at Jacobi Hospital in New York via LIFE STAR helicopter just after 4 p.m. on Tuesday to be treated by a hyperbaric chamber. 

Police would only say he's in critical condition.

Dulos' attorney, Norm Pattis, is addressing the media outside of Jacobi Medical Center in New York. Stream it live here

Officers and paramedics were seen behind Dulos' Farmington house just before noon on Tuesday.

They were called to the house for a well-being check because Dulos was late for a bond hearing at Stamford court. 

When officers arrived on the scene, Dulos was seen sitting in his car inside a garage with obvious signs of medical distress. Officers forced entry and performed life-saving measures. 

Farmington police said they believe Dulos attempted suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Drone3 captured a birds-eye view of paramedics giving him CPR outside the garage for at least 10 minutes.

Moments later, more police arrived along with ambulances.

Dulos was then taken to the UConn Health Center in Farmington.

From there, a LIFE STAR helicopter was seen transporting Dulos from UConn to the Jacobi Medical Center in New York.

According to police, Dulos was alone at his home on Jefferson Crossing when officers arrived Tuesday morning.

Initial reports from conflicting sources said Fotis Dulos died by suicide at his home in Farmington on Tuesday, however his attorney then said his client had a pulse.

He was due in Stamford Superior Court for a hearing that was set for noon.

Court officials said they were supposed to address Dulos' $6 million bond. It was reported the company backing the bond had concerns over the collateral that was put up. 

If the bond package fell apart, it was likely Fotis Dulos would have been going back to prison. 

A member of Fotis Dulos defense team spoke outside of Stamford Court shortly after Dulos was taken to the hospital. See it here.

A member of Fotis Dulos' defense team made remarks about the suicide attempt.

Fotis Dulos posted the bond three weeks ago following his arrest. He was charged on Jan. 7 with murdering Jennifer Farber Dulos of New Canaan.

Fotis in court.jpg

Fotis Dulos faced a judge on murder charges Wednesday afternoon

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However, he was placed under strict house arrest following his most recent court appearance on Jan. 23.

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On Jan. 22, it was reported that Fotis Dulos violated the conditions of his release by getting out of his car and removing items from a makeshift memorial that was on the edge of his property, according to a motion filed by state's attorney Richard Colangelo Jr. in Stamford Superior Court.

The judge called that strike two.

The first strike, according to the judge, happened in September when Fotis Dulos had an issue changing the batteries of his GPS monitoring ankle bracelet.

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Jennifer Dulos disappeared on May 24, 2019.

TIMELINE: Events surrounding New Canaan mom's disappearance

According to arrest warrants, she was brutally attacked in her home's garage after she dropped her five children off at school in New Canaan.

Read Fotis Dulos' full arrest warrant here.

Search warrants show that someone tried to clean up what happened in the garage.

Read the search warrants here.

Fotis Dulos was officially charged with murder, felony murder and kidnapping. 

His former girlfriend Michelle Troconis and his friend attorney Kent Mawhinney were charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Stay with Channel 3 for continuing coverage.

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(15) comments


I believe Fotis Dulos is completely innocent of the majority of the charges, or the most importants. The condition he is in now is the result of irresponsibility and lack of adequate proceedings in this case, of opportunity of many to show up. I pray for him and his kids.


Is that you, Norm Patis?

Dick head

As a tax payer and having to pay or him to sit in jail for years I am sad to hear his suicide was not sucessful.


Nothing like getting the story wrong. This man has five children who were subjected to your incredibly lazy and incompetent 'journalism'.


Here are a few questions I havent heard asked yet :

Dulos was wearing an ankle bracelet, all his activity was tracked.They even knew when he stopped at the end of his driveway, for which he ended up back in court just last week. Today, he had a court hearing in Stamford for noontime, so they've said. And the trip takes around 90 minutes, or so. He would have had to leave his house around 10:30 or so, right?

Yet, when there was no sign of him at the courthouse just before noon, only then was a "welfare check" called in.

Again, this is all based on news reports on WFSB all afternoon, which I started watching just after 12.

So, WHO was monitoring his ankle bracelet ? And WHY wasn't there any concern raised when he was STILL at his house just before noon ? NOBODY questioned WHY Dulos, the most well publicised figure in the state of CT was still at his house when he was supposed to be an hour and a half away at court ? Hello ?

AND, on a day his attorney,Norm Pattis, was out of state altogether ? Coincidence?

I hope somebody pays attention to these questions, because they are all totally valid, and nobody's asking them.


When he got the murder and kidnapping charge,why didn’t they remand him?

This way they would have protected their prime suspect and now the guy will be brain dead. I don’t think the state did enough to protect their case.

jon anthony

After careful consideration...I hope they save his life, so he can live another 40 years in a 7x7 cage.


He's a big coward


I hope for his children's sake he at least left a note telling them where her body is.


Perhaps we should all consider the children. How must their lives have been so drastically changed in the past 8+ months? How hard is the adjustment to a missing mom, perhaps they still cling to hope that she will return safe and sound. To now hear everywhere today that their dad is dead then to hear that he isn't dead but rather in critical condition all via the media?!?! Where is justice for ALL the children in this case, including Michelle's daughter. They must carry on with all the smirks and comments of the heartless.

One person said that justice is now served for Jennifer.... I as a mom, do not agree, I would think that Jennifer would appreciate if we all could do what is best for her children. It's bad enough that they may have to realize a reality in which their dad murdered their mom, but to be orphans now too. Just adding too much insult to injury....


Great Justice for Jennifer it is about time. I hope he was man enough to leave what he did with her body. Saved the court system and state of CT a lot of money. Good ending.


i agree!!! Only hope there's some kind of note or something with info on Jennifer so the family can finally lay her to rest. He stuck the GF & the lawyer friend with the tab...Huh


Saving the taxpayers a ton of money. Its a good day in the neighborhood.


No doubt in my mind he is guilty, now.


The evidence against him is overwhelming.

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