SOUTHINGTON, CT (WFSB) -- Four people were taken to the hospital following a serious crash on I-84 in Southington on Tuesday.

The one-car crash happened around 4 p.m. on the eastbound side of the highway near exit 32.

Delays were reported in the area, but they have since cleared.

No further details were released.

Stay with Ch. 3 as more information becomes available.

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There are almost no details when accidents occur, but one thing is for sure - they will! I travel from Waterbury to East Hartford daily and I will tell you from experience - it's like driving in the Daytona 500. For whatever reason commuters have, they seem to be compelled to go behind the next driver within inches at 70+ MPH, merge into another lane in a split-second without the use of turn signals (and we wonder why manufacturers install them on vehicles....can you imagine?!) and have the audacity of hand/finger gesturing or spewing profanity from their lips because there are other commuters ahead of them who aren't contemplating stupid and careless moves like they want to. I have this "thing" I call SBD - it stands for Safe Braking Distance. This concept allows me to provide a cushion of braking should it be needed which actually PREVENTS me from slamming in the back of another car - another thought to ponder! The only downside to this is that everyone takes advantage of my SBD and quickly merges into my space ahead of me which makes everyone else's driving more wreckless because now we have to watch out for these people (you know who you are). I then I have to brake again to create my SBD space again. My point is - when you're on the road, consider others who you have to drive with - they are not all that impatient or in a rush to get to their destination and inducing a possible accident - it just isn't worth it. You put yourself and others at risk...and for what?! Now you have something to think about it - other than yourself!

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