Frigid temps arrive just in time for outdoor winter sports

It's important to bundle up before any outdoor activities in this frigid weather (WFSB)

This dangerously cold stretch of weather comes at a time when many people want to be outside.

Ski slopes across Connecticut were gearing up for a big week, but the forecast may keep people away.

A fresh coat of powder at Powder Ridge combined with Christmas vacation would be a dream for skiers, but now with subzero wind chills, that's a nightmare.

On Tuesday, the Paglia family traveled to Powder Ridge from New Haven to take advantage of the slopes, and with temperatures dropping like a rock, they layered up.

“I wear under armor, my clothes over it, I wear snow pants and my gloves and helmet and jacket,” said Farrin Paglia, of New Haven.

Dad Damian Paglia said that’s key in these elements, but even though they were prepared on Tuesday, he won't bring the family later this week when the wind chill could be below zero.

“If I’m with the young ones there's a cut off because I can take care of myself under that temperature, but to manage these guys, I don't want it to be that cold,” Damian Paglia said.

Tom Loring, the training director at Powder Ridge, said the only thing that isn’t cooperating this week are the temperatures.

He said the forecast shouldn't send chills down your spine, as there are ways to safely enjoy the slopes, and it all comes down to dress.

Wear layers, but stay away from cotton which doesn't provide great insulation. Cover all skin to avoid frostbite. Wear sunscreen which can stop evaporative cooling, and take breaks to warm up.

“Really, it's safe and fun to go outside if you dress appropriately,” Loring said.

If you want to come down, you'll really need to heed that advice.

It will only take minutes for exposed skin to have the potential to get frostbite.

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