Heavy with ice, tree limbs are weighing down on power lines throughout New Haven County.

Ed Crowder A spokesperson from United Illuminating, which supplies the region, told Channel 3 at the peak of the storm at about 2:30 p.m., nearly 10,000 customers were without power.

Crowder said nearly 100 personnel crews were brought in from Pennsylvania to assist. By 3:30 p.m., Crowder said about 6,000 customers saw the lights come back on.

“Among the hardest-hit communities are New Haven with about 4,000 outages, Hamden with about 2,500 outages, as well as Woodbridge and North Haven, each with about 1,000 outages,” said Crowder.

Hamden resident, Russ Collins told Channel 3 he heard a sudden snap and saw a tree limb had collapsed onto the power line that leads directly to his home. 

"I was taking the ornaments off the tree and everything just shut down. I went outside and saw clearly what’s wrong," said Collins. "It was kind of a fireworks show watching limbs come down on all the neighbors properties. People were without power for a while here."

As temperatures are expected to drop during the evening, any settling or standing water is expected to freeze. Many tree limbs and power lines are coated in solid ice throughout New Haven County.

Although United Illuminating crews are working on the downed lines, many must practice patience.

"The concern is loss of heat," said Collins. "We’re going to have to keep some water running, which is wasteful but, hopefully, fingers crossed, we can get the power company out here and get power going again."

United Illuminating representative Crowder said customers are advised to stay far away from downed utility lines, which can be live and dangerous even if they don’t appear energized. Never drive over a downed wire. Report them to UI at 800.722.5584.

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