It has been a story that has captured the hearts of Channel 3 viewers across the state.

A dog named Hope who was found earlier this month wandering in Branford, starving and on the brink of death, appears to be improving.

Hope was brought to the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter by an anonymous person who found her wandering.

She had probably 24 to 48 hours to live and had probably not eaten for eight to 12 weeks, but now she seems to be slowly recovering.

For 10 days she has gotten round-the-clock care and an endoscopy to remove a stuffed animal in her intestine. She looks much better and happier, but all of that treatment costs money and so will future care.

There has been an outpouring of support for Hope, and a fundraiser for the dog will be held at Frisco’s Pizza in New Haven on Sunday.

"It's heartbreaking that little dog. Dogs are the innocent ones. I always do fundraisers here and for this one this is a special one. This hits me right here,” said John Frisco, of Frisco’s Pizza, who is known locally as the champion of dogs, cats and pizza.

All the money raised on Sunday will go to the care of the dog and customers promise to be there to fill the jar to show hope for Hope.

Laura Burban, who is the director of the animal shelter, says they are humbled by all of the support for Hope and that they have no shortage of people who will adopt her once she recovers.

“Lots of people are lining up and stepping up to say they'll take her home, but we are not looking at that yet. We're just trying to get to a place where she is completely stable and she is a happy dog and is playing and doing normal dog things and then we will look at all the people who are interested,” Burban said.

Hope is currently not at the animal shelter, she has been rotating to the homes of different veterinarians who bring her home with medical equipment and give her that personal loving home touch which seems to really be helping.

Still doctors warn, it is still within the realm of possibility that she might not recover and that they are trying to do the very best they can.

For more information on attending the fundraiser, visit Frisco’s Pizza’s Facebook page here.

Donations can be made at and then click on donate. Or you can mail donations to DCAS 749 East Main St Branford,CT 06405.

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