Gas prices hit $3 state average overnight

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The average price for gas hit a new high since Dec. of 2014.

According to AAA, the price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is $3 as of Friday. The average is $3.01.

"Certainly the $3 benchmark is notable as AAA expects this summer to be the most expensive season for motorists since 2014," Amy Parmenter, spokesperson for AAA in Greater Hartford said. "AAA experts say the typical family will spend $200 more on gas this summer than last and $250 more than in 2016."

Connecticut gas prices have been rising almost every day for the last four weeks and are expected to continue trending upward at least until Memorial Day, possibly longer depending on the impact of Iran sanctions on oil prices.

"Because of the reimposing of Iran sanctions, we might actually see prices continue to rise into the busy summer driving season," said Parmenter.

The national average has also been trending upward for most of the past month. Friday's average is $2.86, up 20 cents from a month ago and also up more than 50 cents from last year on the same date.

As usual, the average price of gas across Connecticut varies by region.

In the Bridgeport area, the average is $3.08, in Hartford it's $2.99 in New Haven/Meriden it's $2.99 and in New London/Norwich it's $3.04.

"I haven't looked into it, the reason, but they're saying it's the summer blend and all that," said Timothy Knibbs of Southington.

The rise is already starting to impact the bottom line of the men and women who drive for a living.

"Less money in my pocket because gas is expensive and it's almost 50% of the cost of the ride," said Sal Dematos.

Dematos is an Uber driver and he's hurting. While gas prices are climbing, the costs of his rides don't, so he says he's forced to stay on the clock longer than before.

"There's no business if you don't do that," said Dematos.

AAA Offers the Following Tips for Saving Money on Gas: Don't "treat" your car to gas that is higher octane than the manufacturer requires. AAA research indicates premium gas is a waste of money unless it is required by a high performance vehicle. Not all gas is created equal. AAA research determined that the best gas for your car is Top Tier Gas, which refers to the detergent - not the octane. Many popular brands already qualify as Top Tier. Visit to see if a favorite brand is on the list.Copyright 2018 WFSB (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.


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