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ENFIELD, CT (WFSB) -- An abandoned dog that captured the attention of people across the state, and the country, had to be euthanized, according to Enfield police.

The German Shepherd was left in a crate and was found down an embankment of State Street last month.

After taking the dog to a veterinarian to perform a health and behavior assessment, it was determined the dog was overly aggressive and “beyond the tolerance level that was considered acceptable for a potential adoption.”

Police said per a state law, if a veterinarian determines that a dog is injured or diseased and unlikely to recover, the dog is to be humanely euthanized.

“The dog was euthanized in accordance with CT General Statutes however the significance of this event is not lost on us. Most of us are animal lovers and though they’ll never admit it, sick and injured animal calls are among the most difficult calls that we go on. This was a professional decision made on the responsibility not only to our community but to the animal, who based on his behavior had led a difficult life at the hands of someone who clearly does not share our love of animals,” the department wrote in a Facebook post.

An investigation is still ongoing, and anyone with information should contact police.

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Dog did not "pass away" The dog was euthanized, instead of trying to find a rescue that would take it. Don't try to say there weren't any because I know of one that would have.

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