EAST HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - The East Hartford community is grieving the loss of a young student whose life inspired others every day.

Shaneece Jack, a sophomore at East Hartford High School, passed away recently.

Channel 3 featured a story about Jack two years ago.

She impacted so many people in her short life.

Jack was small but mighty, beautiful but tough as nails.

She didn't have an easy life. She became a quadriplegic after a car accident when she was 18 months, but she was always a joyful soul.

“She always smiled. She was a happy little girl,” said Keshawn Henderson.

Channel 3 viewers fell in love with Jack who attended East Hartford High School in 2015 when she went to prom with Christian Ramos who has severe scoliosis.

Family friend Keshawn Henderson says Jack inspired everyone.

“She went to school with my daughter and she was very fun she was loving all the kids at East Hartford High loved her,” said Henderson.

Two years ago, Jack and her mom Tinka helped create change by demanding through a Channel 3 story that East Hartford Elementary fixed their elevators so that disabled students wouldn't suffer.

“Nothing kept her down despite her situation,” Henderson said.

Recently, Jack passed away from complications tied to the injuries she suffered as a toddler.

“I think the loss not only affected Tinka and her family, but it also affected a lot of friends, family,” Henderson said.

Now, many of those loved ones are rallying around Jack’s family as they've already raised thousands of dollars to help Tinka pay for Jack’s funeral costs

“She’s always giving, and I think that with the help of her friends and family it was only right that we try to give her daughter a proper burial,” said Henderson.

Henderson says Jack’s friends and family won't ever be quite the same. They'll never forget the girl who was small but mighty. Beautiful but tough as nails.

“A lot of people will always miss that bright smile that she always had,” said Henderson.

If you are interested in helping Jack’s family, click here.

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