GLASTONBURY, CT (WFSB) - A popular Glastonbury brewery is receiving backlash from their neighborhood as they try to make changes to their permits.

The brewery owners are looking to add a food truck during business hours, but some neighbors are saying no way.

Supporters and non-supporters are expected to show up. A farm brewery, set back on forty plus acres.

The owners of Hops on the Hill in Glastonbury started the business two years ago.

You’ll get a glimpse of the hops they grow when you drive in.

The brewery owners are looking to make a minor change to their existing business permit, to allow for a food truck and allow alcohol consumption outdoors during the four days they’re open, Thursdays and Fridays from 4 to 8 and 1 to 6 on weekends.

Jeff Bodeau just had his fiftieth birthday party here. He doesn’t drink, but his friends do.

"If we don’t support their local business, what is going to happen to them? That’s what my thought is. When people go to Hoth, they also go to local restaurants, local gas stations. They are patronizing these local places. We are bringing people in and helping grow the community," Bodeau said.

The owner took to Facebook saying in part...

“Our application is receiving opposition from neighbors regarding the volume of cars on dug road, speeding, music and food trucks.”

"If we don’t come to some common ground between the neighbors and the farmers, you’ll see these large subdivisions going in, because what’s going to happen? It’s the only way these farmers will survive is to sell what they’ve had for generations and that will be disappointing for everyone," Bodeau added.

The owners say...

“When we started the business over two years ago, our goal was to find a way to preserve our farm while still being able to support our family. Hoth allows us to continue the farming tradition.”

The owners don’t expect the permits to be voted on today.

That meeting is expected to start at 7 at the town hall.

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