Glastonbury police chief resigns after scandal involving nude photographs

The police chief of Glastonbury has resigned after a scandal involving nude photographs. (WFSB)

The police chief of Glastonbury has resigned after a scandal involving nude photographs.

Glastonbury Town Manager Richard Johnson said police Chief David Caron sent these photos from a work computer while on the job.

Eyewitness News has obtained the photos and some people may find them to be of an adult nature.

Johnson said about a dozen pictures of nude women were found on Caron's computer. Johnson said the photos were sent to other people while Caron was at work.

One of the more controversial photos is a group shot of several naked women all with their hands in the air. The caption above it said "when is all the senseless violence going to end??? don't blacks know white lives matter, too!!" "I just can't believe how this "hands up, don't shoot" crap is spreading!"

"It is shocking, especially in today's day and age we are living in. It's unacceptable,” Laura Mcintyre, of Hebron said. “I think they would be asked to leave immediately. Don't you?"

Johnson would not say if Caron was forced to resign from the police department. Johnson said he found out about the pictures only a week ago.

Johnson said this is a sensitive issue and "obvious that it was not acceptable"

Caron has been with the department for four decades and Eyewitness News was told he's been chief for five years.

"Could have done a lot worse, in this day and age could have been a lot worse,” Glastonbury resident Eliot Thomas said. “I am not worried about it."

Eyewitness News reached out to Caron. He didn't get back to Eyewitness News.

Johnson told Eyewitness News Tom Sweeney, who is a former chief and now retired, will be in charge until they find a permanent replacement.

Starting the first of the year, Glastonbury will conduct a national search for a new police chief.

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