Glastonbury swastika

Swastikas were scrawled onto the walls of a Glastonbury condo complex. (WFSB)

GLASTONBURY, CT (WFSB) -- Some Glastonbury residents have been waking up to swastikas having been scrawled onto the walls of their condo complex.

It’s a disparaging message of hate to see on the walls, and people who live there said they certainly didn’t expect it here.

“This morning when I went to leave my apartment, I live on the third floor, the elevator doors opened and I was staring at one of the scariest things I had ever seen,” said Marcy Kaplan.

She saw large swastikas drawn or etched into the walls of the Soap Factory condo complex off of Williams Street East.

“Very surprised to see that in this complex actually. There’s a lot of older and younger couples that live here and single families so it’s a little surprising,” said Kyle Reed.

The first swastika showed up on Kaplan’s neighbors door on Dec. 29.

“Being a member of the Jewish community, it really scared me to be honest. Actually felt weak in the knees and felt my knees buckle a little bit. Never really have come across something like that in my life although I know it’s out there,” Kaplan said.

On Thursday, police said they received more complaints about swastikas popping up in the elevators and throughout the building.

“We take these kinds of complaints very seriously, there is no tolerance for hate crimes and we will be investigating to the fullest here,” said Glastonbury Police Lt. Corey Davis.

The building has limited access so police are hopeful that will help narrow the investigation down to a suspect quickly.

“I hope they find who did it, it would be nice to get some cameras put in the building, maybe give the residents a better sense of safety with that. Whoever it is, young, old or otherwise. That’s a lot of hate to have inside of you,” Kaplan said.

Police are asking anyone that see’s any trace of defamation of property to give them a call.

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could've just washed it off but liberal media loves this nonsense and couldn't wait to take photos.

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