GLASTONBURY, CT (WFSB) – After a couple of car thefts, neighbors in Glastonbury are sending out an alert.

Over the last week, they say quiet neighborhoods have been plagued by people stealing cars.

According to victims, it’s happening in places like plaza parking lots, but in other cases, it’s happening right in people’s driveways.

Less than a week ago, Nikki Amell’s husband stopped at a plaza on the New London Turnpike.

“He ran in to go to the Whole Deli, says he locked his car, had his keys with him, and the car was gone,” Amell said.

In broad daylight, his 2017 black Jeep Grand Cherokee vanished in seconds.

“You’re in the deli for what, five minutes? It’s just scary that this can happen so fast,” Amell said.

Amell went to Facebook to warn other residents and that’s when the community realized they’ve been targeted more frequently than they thought.

One homeowner posted about their car being stolen from their quiet neighborhood near Paxton Drive.

Others wrote about masked men going up to cars on Marlborough Road. Some even captured surveillance video of two people peering through a garage in a neighborhood in Glastonbury.

“The masked men, I mean most people at least have a Ring system these days, so they’re not even deterred by that, or that it’s broad daylight,” Amell said.

Police are aware and in at least once case, the car was found. A homeowner who didn’t want to go on camera says their car was ditched in East Hartford.

The message police have been saying for years is to lock your doors and hide your valuables, but even when those directions are heeded, people are still not immune.

“You kind of feel like what more could I have done other than stand next to my car at all times,” Amell said.

According to the family, the Jeep Cherokee is still missing. They say it was last seen in Manchester.

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Masked men, peering into garages, stealing cars locked and with no keys. More and more brazen. I guess the Tarrifville Terror's basement dwelling advice to lock your car isn't the answer after all....wrong again!

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