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GLASTONBURY, CT (WFSB) – The coronavirus has caused many businesses to shut down, while others may be open but have fewer employees.

There’s a veterinarian in Glastonbury who is still open, and he’s found a way to help animals and keep people safe.

On Friday, a lot of little labs were getting medicine for worms at Beckett Associates Veterinary Services.

Not much has changed for the staff, but things are definitely different for pet owners.

Instead of Marylou bringing her cat Bruce inside for his physical and annual shots, Dr. Chip Beckett meets them out.

“I call when I got here and they came out to the car and took him in. When they are done, they will bring him back out,” said Maryou Draghi.

This has become the new way of doing business. A sign out front tells people to call them and someone will go out to the cars and get the pets.

“We are trying. Usually, people come in and we chat and we talk to them, so it’s put a little more stress on the staff for coming out and greeting people and getting the animals and keeping a six foot distance,” Dr. Beckett said.

In these stressful times, people still need to make sure their beloved pets are health and taken care of. Dr. Beckett is also doing online visits, helping pet owners and prescribing medications so they don’t have to make the trip.

“We signed up with one of the telemedicine services, called Anipanion, so you download it as an app on your phone and then you contact us and we can text people,” Dr. Beckett said.

So, Bruce the cat got his shots and was back in the car.

It’s all part of making sure everyone gets what they need and stays safe.

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