NEW LONDON, CT (WFSB) -- A local man is speaking out after he was attacked by a rabid bobcat.

Michael Popkowski, of New London, was swinging away at the Mohegan Sun Golf Course when he was attacked by the animal.

“He’s scratching me, biting me he’s on my back. It came out of nowhere of course, it’s totally unexpected,” he said.

He spoke with Channel 3 exclusively on Tuesday at his home where he is recovering.

He said the attack happened at the 7th hole at the golf course.

“It’s startling it happened so quickly, I honestly don’t even remember how long the attack took place,” Popkowski said.

His memory is fuzzy, but others said the 30 to 40-pound bobcat came out of nowhere, and pounced on the 70-year-old golfer from behind.

The wild animal clawing and biting and puncturing his head, shoulder and arm.

“My scalp feels fine, I’ve got 11 staples that need to come out. All bite marks, puncture wounds on my left arm,” Popkowski described.

The Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection found the bobcat and euthanized it. It tested positive for rabies, which explains its vicious demeanor.

“Better me than a small child or a kid, that wouldn’t have been very good,” he said.

Popkowski was the second victim that day.

The first was a 12-year-old horse named Bella.

Popkowski is getting treated to protect himself from rabies.

He’s thankful for everyone who jumped in the day of the attack including first responders, workers at the golf course the staff at the hospital and family.

He’s also not giving up golf after the bobcat attack. He’ll be getting right back on the course this Friday.

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