BALTIC, CT (WFSB) - A golfer and a horse were injured in two separate bobcat attacks in CT Thursday morning.

One happened at the Mohegan Sun Golf Course on Dows Lane, according to Quinebaug Valley Emergency Communications operations manager Travis Irons.

The location of the attack was hole 7.

"It jumped on his back, he was able to fight it off with a golf club. He thought it was dead as he walked a few steps away it ended up jumping back up and taking off on him," said DEEP Sgt. Chris Dwyer.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said it responded, located and euthanized the bobcat.

On Thursday afternoon, the bobcat tested positive for rabies.

The injured victim had to be transported to a local hospital by way of an ambulance around 9 a.m.

Irons said the golfer suffered only minor injuries.

The animal also reportedly attacked a horse near the golf course earlier in the day.

"I got nervous and I just wanted to protect my animal and I ran after it with a shovel and threw the shovel and screamed at it then I went under my horse trailer and then I didn't know what to do but go in and call someone so I called 911," said Loree Osowski, of Baltic.

She said the attack on her horse Bella happened around 8 a.m. She said she thinks the horse fought back.

"I think she was kicking at it because when it came out of the area where the horses are in, it was limping a lot," Osowski said.

DEEP officials said the horse suffered lacerations to the neck and eye and is being treated by a veterinarian.

"She's had about 16 stitches and an ordeal. Her eye is okay," Osowski said.

The horse had all her vaccinations and she did get some booster shots, but she should be just fine.

The vet said if she wasn't caught up with vaccines and got the rabies virus, she likely would have died.

Officials said bobcats rarely attack people, and when they do, they're often rabid.

"In my 20 years with the DEEP I’ve only had 3 rabid bobcats. They are extremely aggressive, extremely vicious when they do have the rabies virus. Not saying that it does, but it will be tested. This time usually those types of incidents are associated with a sick animal," Dwyer said.

"This is the first time I’ve ever even heard of this. It’s very unfortunate, unusual," said Philip Krick, general manager of Mohegan Sun Golf Club.

When the attack happened, everyone was brought off the course immediately.

Bobcats are shy secretive animals; attacks on humans are extremely rare. The last reported incident was in Bozrah in late August, 2014. That animal was found to test positive for rabies.

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Bobcats don't bother people so I am sure he hit it with his club or ball and it was defending itself. And also he could have been near young ones and the bobcat will get aggressive if a mother protecting babies. I am glad the guy only has minor injuries.

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