Good Samaritan pays for Bristol mom's layaway


A Bristol mother wants to get a special message to the Good Samaritans who gave her the surprise of a lifetime.

Mariah Lynch went to WalMart in Bristol to puck up all of the gifts she had on layaway when she found out hundreds of dollars worth of gifts had been paid for.

"I just couldn't believe it, I just couldn't believe it," Lynch said.

When Lynch got to the counter she found out all of the gifts she had put in layaway had been paid for.

"And I'm like, 'no I didn't pay for my layaway,'" Lynch said.

Lynch found out that some Good Samaritans came in and covered the cost of those presents.

"It's very touching to know that someone would do something so kind," Lynch said. "It just made her first Christmas so much more special and I can't wait until she's older and I can tell her about what happened."

Other customers who have items on layaway were also pleasantly surprised by the kindness of others. A number of people have come into the store this season and surprised some unsuspecting families.

"And when they do that, they pick any layaway to pay off the entire balance, or they can make a payment towards that layaway," said Cheryl Bocchino, Asset Protection Manager.

Bocchino is the Asset Protection Manager at the Bristol WalMart. She said the random acts of kindness are heartwarming.

"To be part of such a huge thing, and to see the joy in all these people is amazing," Bocchino said.

People have found other ways of giving back as well. One man was walking around the WalMart on Tuesday, handing out envelopes filled with money. Another person handed a fellow customer a $100 gift card.

"It's just so amazing that there's people out there that are so loving and caring and they appreciate other people," said Sabrina Phillips, WalMart Assistant Store Manager.

Lynch has a message for the people who paid for her daughter's gifts.

"I just want to say thank you, it just means so much to us, it's just such a special first Christmas for Alexis," Lynch said.

To pay it forward, Lynch covered another family's layaway in hopes of making their holiday season even just a little bit brighter.

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