HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- Good Samaritans stepped in to help after an ambulance was involved in a crash in Hartford on Friday night.

Channel 3 spoke with one of the Good Samaritans who said he got out of his car to give a helping hand in lifting the ambulance.

Hartford resident and soccer player on the Sporting Hartford FC team, Odane White was driving to work on Friday night when he noticed a first responder was pinned underneath the ambulance after it seemingly rolled over onto its side in a crash.

“I could hear someone screaming,” said White. “Someone was underneath the ambulance and I quickly realized it was one of the paramedics.”

Hartford Police said 2 EMTs just dropped off a patient at the hospital when a silver Acura ran a red light on Homestead Ave at high speeds and crashed into the ambulance.

The ambulance struck a third car before landing on its side, police said.

“It was really shocking to me the fact that he was trapped underneath,” said White. “I ran in and started trying to lift the ambulance up, and a few people gathered and tried to help.”

An ambulance weighs anywhere between 9,000 to 10,000 pounds.

Adrenaline kicked in for the Good Samaritans and somehow White and a few others lifted the emergency vehicle.

“In my head, I kept thinking this could be me or my brother so I just held it up until eventually we got him from underneath.”

A manager with American Medical Response, AMR, told Channel 3 in a statement:

“The EMT’s and Paramedics of AMR respond to emergencies for a living, it isn’t often that we find ourselves as the ones in need. We are extremely grateful to the multiple bystanders that stepped into help in the immediate aftermath of the crash. Their actions were heroic.”

Channel 3 learned the 2 EMTs were taken to Saint Francis Hospital and released on Saturday morning in stable condition.

Police said the driver of the third car was checked out for minor injuries.

“I hope everyone involved in the accident is doing okay,” said White.

Hartford Police said the people who were in the car that collided with the AMR took off on foot. Police are encouraging those with information to contact police.

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