HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – The state took another step toward pre-pandemic life as bars reopened over the weekend.

For weeks, employers across the state have reported running into staffing issues and Governor Ned Lamont faced those questions head on.

Employers and the governor are all on the same page. They’re hearing that no one is being incentivized to work because the unemployment benefits are too sweet, so that’s what’s causing the hiring issue.

Some restaurants had to close last week on certain days because they didn’t have enough staff. This is a big problem heading into the summer because the demand is there for an economic rebound, but if the workforce isn’t there yet, that’s going to be a problem.

Lamont acknowledged the reality and offered up a solution.

“A couple things to remember. One, the enhanced unemployment benefits end in September, so now is the time if you can get a good paying job, get it. Obviously, we have great certificate programs, so if you want to change jobs, step up. It’s really important, I’d say for employers, maybe you have to pay just a little bit more right now to get people back in the game,” Lamont said.

Businesses push back, saying they can’t really afford to pay more after enduring the last year. Lamont says he will explore a variety of solutions to get people back to work.

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Listen business just don't want to pay you a living wage You have Domino's pizza maker starting pay $12hr you making the same as the cashier you have this other company wants you to unload 30 trucks cut boxes and use the compacter $12hr . I mean really these companies never want to pay people living wages


Instead of paying them to be unemployed, pay them a sign on bonus now only. Once Sept rolls around no bonus and no unemployment.

Brian C. Duffy

Simsbury has over 20 non-chain restaurants today. In 1980, there were 6. I know because I worked in one and my sister waited tables in two.

Simsbury population 2020 = 24,000

Simsbury population 1980 = 21,000

Too many restaurants.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT

Fake mandate

Just open the state and have people go back to work godly other state has open fully with no mask and doing just fine demcrate just loves having people live of the goverment

Brian C. Duffy

Numbers and punctuation are a challenge for you.

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